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Pier Fishing - Go Get Getfished

Piers, I have actually fished at, here in Melbourne.

Getfished looks at each of the piers’ advantages and disadvantages.  What you can catch. What bait and tackle.  Plus the ideal conditions for that pier.

Most Melbourne piers offer safe fishing.  However, during strong weather events, all piers can become dangerous.  So keep this in mind when choosing when and where to fish.

Pier Fishing Spots

Beach Fishing Spots

Beach fishing is often neglected which is a great shame as it’s often very productive.

Both bayside and ocean surf fishing spots.  Focussed on the places I have actually fished at.  The best features and things to avoid.

In the summer months, beach fishing can be almost impossible during the day due to swimmers.  But before dawn, you’ll nearly always find beaches without a crowd.

Victorian Beach Fishing

Estuaries - Getfished Spots We Love To Visit

Estuary fishing in Victoria.

Some easy to find and fish creek and river estuaries – that I’ve actually fished.

Estuary Fishing Spots

Boat Ramps

Boat ramps – I’ve either used or inspected in person.

With public boat ramps now free across Victoria not all ramps are created equal.  Certainly – many are not maintained equally.

These spots are based on my own experiences with them.  Whether it be from launching or a site inspection.

Victorian Boat Ramp Reviews

GETFISHED: Victorian Fishing From Land, Boat Or Kayak

Australian Species Feature

Getfished focusses on simple, thorough explanations on how to fish for Victorian species. Helping you catch fish, while using good quality, affordable gear.

How To Catch Fish Feature

What's In Dave's Tackle Box

Dave looks at specific target species and the techniques that have been successful for him in catching them.

This includes tackle that he recommends – but – only if it’s been actually tested in person.

The stuff you may find useful in your tackle box too.

Peak Inside Dave's Tackle Box

Dave's Favourite Victorian Fishing Spots

Additionally, specific fishing spots and locations are discussed where Dave has had the opportunity to fish the location.  You can browse the growing library of fishing spots by clicking here.

While nobody can guarantee we can go out and always catch a fish, the fact is some places produce better quality catches more often.

Those are the spots this website tries to focus on.

Explore Dave's Favourite Fishing Spots

Latest Fishing Articles From Getfished

Latest Getfished articles on land-based, boating and kayak fishing.

Featuring how-to guides, tips and selected product reviews of products I actually use.

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Melbourne Fishing Reports

Collated Melbourne fishing reports.  Includes the greater Victoria, Australia region.

Featuring reports taken from Port Phillip Bay, Western Port Bay, the Yarra River, Murray River, Lake Nagambie, Lake Eildon and many more.

Fishing Reports

Port Phillip Bay Fishing

Port Phillip Bay fishing is often thought of as “snapper!”

Snapper is a great fighting fish and excellent table fish.  But don’t overlook the other great species available from piers, beaches, rock walls and boats.

Species to also target include flathead, calamari, whiting, Australian salmon, gummy sharks, bream being just a few.

Port Phillip Bay