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Victorian saltwater fishing offers sheltered bays right through to a variety of ocean surf fishing opportunities. Both on the Southern Ocean to the unpredictable Bass Straight.

Fishing Reports – Spring 2022

Australian Salmon Fishing Reports

The Australian Salmon is not a true “salmon.” In fact, it is not related to salmon and trout at all. They are often targetted in […]

Gummy Shark Fishing Reports

Gummy sharks (called Flake in Victorian Fish and Chip shops) is a palatable table fish from the shark family. These harmless creatures are very popular […]

Yellowbelly Fishing Reports

Coming a close second to Murray Cod in popularity the Yellowbelly – or Macquarie Perch is a great Australian native freshwater fish.

Carp Fishing Reports

Carp are an introduced problem species in Australia. However, they fight pretty well and are popular amongst some groups of fishers.

Redfin Fishing Reports

While there’s technically a pest species they are great fighters, taste excellent and are very popular amongst Victorian freshwater fishers.

Trout Fishing Reports

Trout are represented by two main species in Victorian lakes and streams. Rainbow and Brown. There are however some hybrids living and cultivated in many […]

Bream Fishing Reports

Bream are popular the world over as a tasty table fish.  The Black Bream in Victoria is no different – with fantastic fighting skills.  Though […]

Whiting Fishing Reports

Whiting is a succulent table fish – popular amongst Victorian fishers. Summer sees the greatest influx of King George Whiting (who like to holiday in […]

Flathead Fishing Reports

A popular saltwater fish Australia-wide.  Flathead are a great fighting fish and are highly sought after.

Murray Cod Fishing Reports

The largest native, inland rivers freshwater fish in Australia. The Murray Cod is a powerful, aggressive striking fish.

Snapper Fishing Reports

Arguably the most popular saltwater fish in Victoria. The Snapper – and the Juvenile “Pinky Snapper.”

Victorian Fishing Locations

Surf Fishing

Victorian surf fishing features species such as salmon, tailor, gummy sharks, school sharks and even the occasional Bronze Whaler […]


While rock fishing can be one of the most dangerous forms of fishing it can also be extremely rewarding […]


Victorian rivers range from smaller examples like the Werribee River through to the Yarra and Marrybinong rivers. Further inland […]


Many of Victorias lakes are man made reservoirs built for irrigation or drinking water. They range from the might […]


Fishing estuaries in Victoria offers some great angling opportunities. From the far south-west coast, the central region with the […]


Creeks offer a wide variety of habitats across Melbourne and Victoria. While we think of them as “freshwater” some […]

Boat Hire

There are a number of public boat ramps around Melbourne and the wider area of Victoria. These are located […]


Bay fishing often produces different species compared to our surf beaches when it comes to saltwater fishing. Bays also often play the role of fish nurseries.  […]


Piers offer some of the best Autumn fishing in Melbourne (and Victoria), for land-based anglers. Much of the closest is to be had around Port Phillip […]

Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay is the centrepiece of fishing in Melbourne. In fact the city and suburbs stretch around most of the bay. Extending hundreds of square […]

Boat Ramps

There are a number of public boat ramps around Melbourne and the wider area of Victoria. These are located on the bays and inlets as well […]

Beach Fishing Victoria

Beach fishing in Victoria includes the Bays and Inlets as well as the huge open and sandy Surf Beaches. A wide variety of fish species ranging […]

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