Melbourne Fishing Reports – Winter 2020

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The Melbourne Fishing Report page offers a selection of videos featuring the most recent catches of a variety of Victorian species.

Some of the videos are from some of Melbourne and Victoria’s most prolific fishos.

They also include many great tips and hints from the guys and gals who make them.

Seasons are marked for each species where possible.

Where a species is out of season the videos are left in place for those curious – giving some information about the fishing last season in those videos.


Snapper Fishing Reports
Snapper Season: May be fished all year round. More abundant between October and March.
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Getfished Snapper

Reports include adult Snapper and Juveniles - aka Pinky Snapper.

The most sought after saltwater fish species, by recreational anglers, in Victoria.

For good reason!  Larger specimens are fantastic fighting fish.  While smaller specimen over the legal size (currently 28cm) makes a succulent table fish.

Murray Cod

Murray Cod Fishing Reports
Murray Cod Season: Closed - 1 September to 30 November inclusive. Lake Eildon and the waters south of the Great Dividing Range are open year round, except the Yarra River.
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Murray Cod
Murray Cod

Murray Cod fishing reports largely come from regional Victoria & NSW.  Places near to the Muray River.  The Ovens and Goulburn Rivers.  Lake Eildon and Lake Nagambie.

While Murray Cod can be found in waters like the Yarra River (upstream from Eltham) these catches are not as common.


Bream Fishing Reports
Bream Season: All year round in Victoria.
Black Bream Getfished
Black Bream

While very timid bream can be a fantastic fighting fish.

As a panfish, the flesh is very tasty.

Bream are caught on a wide variety of baits, hardbody lures and soft plastics.

Bream are sensitive to environmental conditions.  They also seem to be sensitive to what fishos have on their hands.

Some claim bream, for example, can detect odour on your fingers ranging from petro-chemicals to nicotine from cigarettes.  Allegedly smokers find it harder to catch bream.

To my knowledge, this has never been scientifically verified.

Calamari (Squid)

Calamari (Squid) Fishing Reports
Calamari (Squid) Season: All year round in Victoria
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Squid - Calamari - Getfished
Calamari (Squid)
Squid are not only abundant they are fantastic to eat.  Reasonably easy to catch - with some experimentation. Plus they make fantastic bait for many Victorian saltwater species.  Including snapper and gummy sharks.


Whiting Fishing Reports
Whiting Season: All year round in Victoria. More prolific during the November to March.
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Getfished Whiting Port Phillip Bay
King George Whiting

King George Whiting are one of Victorias most popular saltwater fish.

They can be finicky feeders and are very shy.  So stealth is important. As a table fish, their flesh is superb.


Flathead Fishing Reports
Flathead Season: All year round in Victoria
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Flathead is a surprisingly popular species in Victoria.

While flathead catches in Port Phillip Bay were more common in years gone by.  They are certainly there, but for many a little harder to catch. Deeper dredging of the bay has had an impact in my opinion.


Trout Fishing Reports
Trout Season: closed between June and September. The actual dates vary and you can check on the Fisheries website by clicking here.
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While Trout are an introduced species in Australia it is not believed they cause the kind of damage seen with species like European Carp or even Redfin.

As such they are actively farmed and every year the Fisheries Department releases Trout in Victorian streams.

Usually, Trout Season is closed between June and September. The actual dates vary and you can check on the Fisheries website by clicking here.  

European Carp

European Carp Fishing Reports
European Carp Season: All year round in Victoria
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European Carp are an invasive pest species in Australia.  They cause massive destruction to the waterways. Clouding up the water making it unsuitable to native species.  Basically changing the environment to suit themselves.

However, they are plentiful, pretty easy to catch - and the more folks out there catching them the healthier our waterways will be!

What can I say - catch them - catch them all!!

I'd rather see fisherfolk out there catching Carp on mass than see the government introduce a Carp specific virus to get rid of them.  That's been proposed - I'm not kidding!

Catch them, dispatch them, eat them, use them as fertiliser on the veggies (like I do.)

Note - By Law:  European Carp, no matter the size, are not to be returned to waterways.  They must be humanely dispatched immediately.  What you choose to do with them after that is up to you.  Here's my suggestions on catching European Carp.


Redfin Fishing Reports
Redfin Season: All year round in Victoria, but tend to be harder to catch in cooler months.
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Known as Redfin in Australia, sometimes as English Perch and in some countries simply "Perch."

While they are an introduced species - and somewhat of a pest in some waterways - they are nowhere near as destructive as European Carp.  They also taste better and require a little more skill to catch.

I love catching Redfin - and it's common for me to target them regularly.


Silver Trevally

Silver Trevally Fishing Reports
Silver Trevally Season: All year round in Victoria: Min Size: 20cm. A combined total limit of 20 for one or more species of trevally
Video Fishing Report Credits

Great tasting fish and often in good numbers in Victorian saltwater bays, beaches and estuaries.

People who have never caught them before are often shocked to find a small louse inside the fishing mouth.  This creature actually eats the fishes tongue, then sites where the tongue used to be and collects free meals as the fish eats.  Pretty gross!

However - the louse is not a threat to humans and fish with the louse present when caught can be safely eaten.

Given they're pretty tasty this is good news.  Right?


Mullet Fishing Reports
Mullet Season: All year round in Victoria. No size limit. A bag limit of 40 composed of all or any species of mullet.
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Mullet often tend to be a by-catch rather than a targetted species in Victoria.  This is a shame as they are in plentiful numbers and pretty easy to catch.

Generally, a lighter tackle is used.  They make an excellent beginner species and are ideal for getting kids started in fishing.