Victorian Rock Fishing

What kind of fish can be caught off Rocks?

Most rock walls are located off coastal ocean spots, bay or estuaries in Victoria.

Some freshwater opportunities exist, but they are nowhere near as common in my experience.

In the ocean bays and estuaries, common species include flathead, bream, mullet, both immature “pinky snapper” and adult snapper.

While a long rod (12 foot or longer) is good for casting out into reefs just offshore a smaller setup is often more nimble and easier to manage.

For most people, I’d recommend a 9-foot general purpose spinning rod with matching reel. My preferred rigs are either paternoster, running or a combination “break-off” rig when targeting snapper and flathead in challenging, snag prone areas.

A break off rig allows the sinker to break off when retrieving a fish, should it get snagged in crevices, kelp beds etc

What are good baits for Rock Wall fishing?

A lot of people use traditional baits very effectively.

These include pipis, pilchards, squid, mullet, beach worms, prawns etc. Others flick lures and have significant success.

One of my own personal favourites is chicken liver.

While hard to keep on the hook (I wrap mine around the hook in elastic thread available at tackle shops) it is a very bloody bait and tends to attract both pinky snapper, adult snapper and flathead successfully. Often reducing the amount of burley I need to deploy.

What tackle should I choose for Rock Wall fishing?

This, as always depends on conditions and the species you are targeting.

Victorian Rock Fishing Review Summary

This kind of fishing varies from relatively tame rock walls that are man-made, to rugged wind and wave-swept ledges that can – and do – take lives.

Rocky areas require care. Particularly ocean platforms.

In fact on ocean platforms (as opposed to bays like Port Phillip, etc) it’s recommended you wear appropriate attire. Good quality rock fishing shoes – or boots – with studs. Warm thermal clothing and a life jacket.

Not some ocean areas require you to wear a life jacket because of the number of people being swept away into the sea.

This is a fishing can be a highly rewarding Victorian land-based fishing pursuit. Care and attention to detail are imperative:

  • Never take your eye off the ocean.
  • Never turn your back on the ocean.
  • Make sure tides do not cut off your exit from the place you are fishing
  • Fish with a buddy on ocean rock platforms and carry an EPRB.
  • Again. It is important to Note it is now mandatory to fish on some Victorian Rocky platforms wearing a wearing a life jacket

Victorian Rock Fishing Recommendations

Portarlington Rock Wall

Portarlington Rock Wall forms a safe harbour for boats and adjoins the Portarlington pier. The Rock Wall has added a new dimension to fishing Portarlington.

Powlett River

The Powlett River Estuary, five minutes from the township of Kilcunda, is often blocked to the sea. Causing it to form a wide, shallow lake.


Sandringham fishing largely centers around the rock wall and the Anchorage. The area has proven to be very successful for me.

St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier Fishing on a warm summer’s night was how I started targetting flathead and pinkies as a teenager.


Fishing Kilcunda and surf fishing are synonymous. I’ve fished here for Australian Salmon, Tailor and even Gummy Sharks since 1979!

Other Fishing Spots Near Rock Fishing