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Fishing Tackle Review Corner

From time to time I do a fishing tackle review. I have some simple, important rules regarding this: I do not review anything I have not actually used.If I do not like it or find an issue with a product I say so.The reverse…

From time to time I do a fishing tackle review. I have some simple, important rules regarding this:

  • I do not review anything I have not actually used.
  • If I do not like it or find an issue with a product I say so.
  • The reverse is also true. If it’s a product I like, or use all the time, I’ll say that, too.
  • do not accept compensation in order to write a favourable review.
  • I generally purchase a product for review selected by me. If not I say so.
  • Some links within the review may be affiliate links that I receive a small payment for. Regardless of my conclusion on the product being reviewed.

See the Fishing Tackle Reviews FAQ

At times the reviews will be about broader fishing related topics like boating and kayaking.

Fishing Tackle Reviews

Review Watersnake Kayak Electric Motor T24

Review Watersnake Kayak Electric Motor T24

October 29, 2020
The T24 Watersnake Kayak Electric Motor is certainly affordable. Well constructed and powerful enough for most kayaks. I have previously reviewed the Watersnake Kayak Motor

Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount Review

Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount Review

October 29, 2020
Why A Kayak Motor Mount? I chose the Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount to mount an electric motor on my kayak. Here is what I found

jarvis walker pre tied rigs

Jarvis Walker Pre Made Rigs -Review

October 29, 2020
This is a product I use all the time. It’s that cool! While I do use other brands on occasion, like the Black Magic Pre

Fishing Tackle Reviews FAQ

Do you get paid to review fishing tackle products?

Sometimes. When I do you will see a notice at the top of the review, just below the heading.

Usually, the payment comes if you click the link to the product – and purchase it. This costs you nothing more.

Are products given to you to write about?

Generally, no. They are not. If any are supplied the article will state this.

Also – the product will not be reviewed unless I have had a chance to fully test it.

Do you cover any fishing tackle products you have not used?

No. Never. I mean. What’s the point of that?

It’s not a lot of fun either. It’s more fun road testing or sharing great (and not so great) products I’ve actually been able to go out and fish with.

Can I suggest a product to review?

You can. I will consider it. But there’s no guarantee I will be able to cover it.

Especially expensive items that I may not need or may not use again. Please use the Contact Form.

I make a fishing product. Can I request a review?

Congrats’ on making a fishing product! You may request your product be reviewed. It will help if you are able to supply a review copy.

Note – it is a requirement that the actual article is written by me after testing. It is also required that I review it as I found it to be. So if it’s a useful tool for me, I’ll say that. If it represents value for money etc. The converse is also true. If I’m not taken by the product I’ll say why in the review.

You can use the Contact Form to make your request.

Please ensure you include details on where the product is manufactured. Your company name. Retailers – or website – as applicable. Also the price and where in the world your company is located. A contact name and phone number are preferable.



I'm Dave, I live and fish in and around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
When it comes to fishing I love going out to land-based fishing spots, heading out in the tinny (aka an Aluminum Boat) and kayak fishing.

I've been fishing since I was a teen. Beginning way back in the 1970s. It was a hobby I picked up myself as my family certainly had no interest. Making me the black sheep! My favourite fish is Flathead and Snapper. Though I'm partial to Flake (Gummy Shark) and Calamari too! While I enjoy fishing for freshwater species like Redfin and Murray Cod I prefer eating saltwater species. They're just so mouth-wateringly tasty!

I love writing about some of my favourite Melbourne Fishing Spots while fishing around Victoria. As well as the tackle I use and test.
If you see me while you're out fishing say "G' day" - I'll be the one in a bush hat.

When I'm not fishing I'm working on my websites, such as Getfished, or writing computer software (my profession.)

I try to be as accurate as possible on this website. Most of the information is based on personal experience. However, if you spot an error or think there's something that I should add - no worries! Please use the Contact Form.