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Getfished Fishing Reviews

Getfished Reviews fishing tackle, boat and kayak tools and equipment. We only consider products and services that we have actually used ourselves. In most cases, unless otherwise indicated, we purchase these items at retail prices and are not given products, services or incentives to write a review.

This means they tend to be warts and all. Our likes and out dislikes. We try to be fair and make direct comparisons to another product only if it is reasonable to do so.

Recent Reviews

Jarvis Walker Pre Made Rigs Review – 4/5 Stars – 2022

Pre Made Rigs are a product I use all the time. They are that cool! While I use other brands occasionally, like the Black Magic Pre Tied Rig range, I find the Jarvis Walker Pre Made Fishing Rigs to be a perfect, inexpensive solution. I say inexpensive. It’s true tying rigs yourself is generally cheaper than buying a […]

Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount Review 3 Out Of 5 Stars – 2022

I chose the Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount to mount an electric motor on my kayak. The review here is what I found out. Note: Your kayak may be different and your experience may lead you to different conclusions. There are a number of cheaper kayaks on the market that purport to be more capable than […]