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Creeks offer a wide variety of habitats.

While we think of them as “freshwater” some are also estuary systems.

So the variety of species available in creek fishing is quite broad.

Creeks: Fishing FAQ

What kind of fishing tackle should I use to fish creeks?

Creeks are nearly always narrow waterways.  The exception being where they meet the sea in an estuary system where they can broaden out.

Because of this they are often relatively shallow and can have a lot more overhanging branches and scrub.

Generally smaller tackle is appropriate.  Shorter rods – 6-foot up to 9-foot being the max.  Generally the shorter the better.

Bait will depend on the local environment and the species being targetted.  However natural baits are commonly used and include earthworms, scrub worms, chicken, yabbies, freshwater shrimp and bard-grubs.

Lures can be used effectively with the traditional surface and diving lures.  Along with propellor spinners.   Soft plastic lures are used to great effect by many anglers on both native and imported species.

In an estuary creek system the same baits and lures you would use in larger river estuaries work.  Choose bait according to species you are targetting.  Choices include pipis, whitebait, pilchards, squid, chicken and even sandworms.

Soft plastics are again used to great effect in creek estuary systems.

What fish species can be targeted?

In freshwater species include imports such as redfin, European carp and trout.

Native species include Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Blackfish, eels and catfish.

In creek estuaries, bream and mullet are common catches.

While whiting, salmon and even pinky snapper can be caught at times.

Fishing Reports

Fishing Report Golden European Carp At Broken Creek Wangaratta

Golden European Carp At Broken Creek Wangaratta

January 7, 2020

robbiefishing dropped a line in Broken Creek, Wangaratta targetting European Carp (aka “Mud Marlins”…

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