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Victoria Fishing

Victoria, Australia offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities.  Both native and introduced species.

While a lot of saltwater fishing takes place in and around Port Phillip and Western Port Bays there are many other coastal and freshwater fishing spots worth investigating.

Browse the Victorian fishing resources below – and you can also check out our Victorian Fishing FAQ.

Victoria Fishing: Fishing FAQ

What Are The Fees For Boat Ramps In Victoria?

As of October 1st 2019, all public boat ramps and associated trailer parking areas are free in Victoria.

Some private boat ramps will charge a fee at their discretion.

What Are The Most Common Fish People Target In Vic?

One of the most popular saltwater species is Snapper.  Both excellent fighting and table fish.  After that, there are several species of flathead and whiting.  As well as gummy shark, snook, blue-fin tuna, Australian Salmon and Tailor.

In the saltwater targeting Squid (Calamari) is popular.

In freshwater anglers often target introduced species such as Brown and Rainbow Trout, Redfin (English Perch) and the perennial pest – the European Carp.

Native freshwater species include the ubiquitous Murray Cod, Yellow Belly and native catfish.

Some anglers target the elusive river Blackfish.  Many seek freshwater crayfish and their distant, smaller cousins, Yabbies (similar to the Crawfish found in the USA).

Do You Require A License To Fish In Victoria?

A current fishing license is required in order to fish in Victoria.  There are some exceptions such as persons under 18, persons over 70, aged and disability pensioners and indigenous persons.

For complete details – and/or to obtain a license online please see the VFA website.

Are there any dangerous, poisonous or venomous fish around Vic?

Some Victorian waters contain species that are considered dangerous – or require care when handling.

Certain shark species such as White Pointers occur in some waters, particularly in areas with seal populations and many ocean beaches.  They are not often seen in Port Phillip or Western Port bays.  Smaller shark species can, however, pose a threat, so care should be taken.

Shark species such as gummy sharks are harmless.

Many of the stingray species can inflict serious and fatal injuries.

Many target species have sharp spines that can cause significant damage.  Species such as flathead have spines on their gill plates that contain a mild venom – so care should be taken handling them.  Flathead is, however, perfectly safe to eat – and are very tasty.

The toad-fish – or pufferfish – is extremely toxic to eat.

The blue-ringed octopus, while very small in size, has a bite that contains a powerful venom and is extremely dangerous.

Note that while many of these creatures – such as pufferfish – may be undesirable by-catches they are in fact all protected species and must be left unharmed.  If caught they are required by law to be returned safely and as quickly as possible to the water.

Fishing Reports

Fishing Report Golden European Carp At Broken Creek Wangaratta

Golden European Carp At Broken Creek Wangaratta

January 7, 2020

robbiefishing dropped a line in Broken Creek, Wangaratta targetting European Carp (aka “Mud Marlins”…

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