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Gem Pier Fishing – Awesome Hotspot Just 5 Km From Melbourne

Gem Pier in Williamstown is steeped in history. So if you’d like to try an awesome experience of mixing fishing along with some fantastic Melbourne history – give Gem Pier a try! Plus you can get pretty close to some of the Australian Navies ships when they’re docked. Gem Pier in Williamstown is listed as a historical site due to its connection with the navy. The pier is close to Melbourne which means it gets pretty busy […]

Central Victoria – Awesome Freshwater Fishing

The Victorian Central region includes Metropolitan Melbourne, the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas and several regional towns, including Geelong. Fishing opportunites include both saltwater bay fishing, […]

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Victorian Fishing Data

The Victorian Fishing Data contained on this page has been compiled from multiple governments and industry sources. Full credit is given to each source. Core ownership of […]

Victorian Fishing Boat Hire – 2022 Locations & Options

Boat hire businesses are scattered around Victoria.  Both on the coast and in the inland rivers and lakes. Hiring a boat can be a great way to bet to places that you simply can’t reach by foot. Some boat hire companies allow you to hire even if you do not possess a license.  Though they […]

Victorian Rock Fishing

Popular Victorian Rock Fishing Hotspots Fishing Map FAQ Victorian Rock Fishing Review Summary This kind of fishing varies from relatively tame rock walls that are man-made, to rugged wind and wave-swept ledges that can – and do – take lives. Rocky areas require care.  Particularly ocean platforms. In fact on ocean platforms (as opposed to […]

Victoria’s – Great Fishing Locations

The Twelve Apostles

Victoria, Australia offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Both native and introduced species.

While a lot of saltwater fishing in the state takes place in and around Port Phillip and Western Port Bays there are many other coastal and freshwater fishing spots worth investigating.

Browse some of the best fishing spots in the state below. You can also check out our Fishing Victoria FAQ

Seasonal Fishing Tips

Autumn Temperatures, in waters such as Port Phillip and Western Port Bays, range from an average of 17.3 c in March down to 14 – 15 c degrees by the end of the season.

Some species, such as Snapper and Whiting are generally past their Summer peak in Autumn. So, while catches are still common they become less so as the season progresses. Whiting begins their migration to Western Victoria and South Australian waters where they breed.

As the water cools, depending on the year’s over-all weather, fish activity begins to drop. Species such as flathead can become a little harder to catch (though still in good numbers) while Bream continue on for many months. Species such as Australian Salmon and Tailor and Gummy Sharks continue in good numbers. Garfish start coming onto the bite in many places. While squid remains plentiful. Particularly if the water remains clear from estuary flooding outflows.

By the end of April and into May the risk of hypothermia if immersed in the water becomes high and the onset is very quick. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that small craft boaties and kayakers “dress for immersion.” That means thermal clothing (not wool or cotton) designed as layers that wick away moisture are strongly recommended.

Victorian Fisheries Bream Fishing Tips

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