Affiliate Policy

Here at GetFished we just love pushing out tons of fishing information for our readers. It’s all about giving you the best we can produce.

Providing that information, keeping it updated, looking for new stuff to write about – costs real money. Hosting our website, buying and testing new tackle. So some of our articles, tips and projects contain links to products on other sites that we earn a small commission on. This costs you nothing extra! Where this happens you can be sure we’ve used that supplier and have been delighted with their service and products


You will find fishing stuff everywhere here. We talk about the buying equipment side of things as well as do it yourself projects, fish species, fishing locations and best practice. What we publish on GetFished, we publish for you. To make sure you are given information to make your fishing hobby – or business – the best it can be.

Yes, this is one of the ways we earn income. You are going to find a lot of links here on our site, and many of them are affiliate links. A large percentage of them are services and tackle we have used for a long time ourselves. There are others scattered in posts on products and services we have tested and felt you should know about. If you click on any of those links, we make a few bucks and you don’t pay any more for it. This website is our business, not a side gig to collect a little cash, so we appreciate any time you purchase through one of these links.

Occasionally we accept sponsored posts, or what we tend to refer as overviews. Unlike regular “sponsored posts”, they are written by us and only guided with features that are shared with us about the products. They make up a small percentage of our content here and are written no differently than if we had chosen to write it without compensation. The cost only guarantees that it is written about on our website.

They are not reviews, but more of an overview of the functionality of the product. We don’t address bad and good things, but an unbiased look at what the product will do and leave you with making the decision to use it or not.


You may notice banner ads in our sidebars. These are not paid, ad placements and the spots are not available for purchase. We only add our affiliate partners in these spaces and it’s products and services that we have used ourselves or have recommended to past clients and our readers and listeners. In addition, these sidebars will often contain links to articles and products on this website.

The exception to this is the Google Adsense network. These ads are placed on our website automatically by Google with our permission. These ads do not represent a recommendation by Getfished of the products or services offered through them.


We do accept donations via one-time donations from readers and listeners. We also offer the option for Fishing businesses to back us with a yearly donation. The businesses may, at their discretion supply products for us to use and write about. Where this is the case we will always disclose this relationship and acknowledge their contribution.


We do not accept or publish unsolicited guest posts. Rarely do we publish guest posts and they are by invite only to people we know will produce content that fits our site.

We do not accept money for links. If you have a link you want us to place in any of our content, whether for free or paid, we do not accept them.


Please don’t send us a request to post your infographic.


Yes, we can and will at times change stuff in our articles and pages without notification to our readers. We can’t help it. We like to keep things updated when we can.


You will also find additional information on how we handle your privacy in our Privacy Policy. Also the mutual obligations we insist upon both through us running and your use our website in our Terms of Service.


If something is still nagging at you or we haven’t covered it, feel free to contact us. We promise we won’t bite – with luck, unlike the fish you and I hope to catch!!

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