Melbourne Land Based Fishing – Top Locations Reviewed 2022

Land Based Fishing around Melbourne offers you the chance to fish without a boat – or when using a boat is risky or too much hassle. Both freshwater rivers, creeks and lakes to the saltwater bays, estuaries and surf beaches. There’s a range of easy and challenging environments to get out there and GetFished! You can choose to fish light for smaller species like Mullet, Bream, Flathead or Redfin or […]

Powlett River Fishing – Super Spot 97.8 Km From Melbourne

The Powlett River Estuary, five minutes from the township of Kilcunda, is often blocked to the sea. Causing it to form a wide, shallow lake. The estuary, however, is fishable. Containing a variety of species. Including Mullet, Australian Salmon and even Bream. Sitting on the sand dunes and casting out as far as you can often yield small Australian […]

Kilcunda Surf Fishing – Great Fishing 100km from Melbourne

Fishing Kilcunda and surf fishing are synonymous. I’ve fished here for Australian Salmon, Tailor and even Gummy Sharks since 1979! It’s well worth a visit. There’s some good accommodation available. So you can make it a weekend away. Although it’s certainly close enough to Melbourne for a day trip. When I say I’ve been fishing Kilcunda on and off […]