Stony Point Pier Fishing

Stony Point Pier Fishing

Dave’s Fishing Spot Tips

This pier has been seriously reduced in size due to commercial operations. It has been literally cut in half, dividing the area tug boats dock and the area where fishing is permitted.

The bad news is fishos share the pier with ferry passengers and it can get a bit crowded sometimes.

However - some good squid models are caught from the pier at times - keep an eye out for ink on the pier pathway for best spots. Off the end of the pier (to the right) you can catch pinkies, flathead and at times even a gummy shark.

The practice of throwing bait and fish cleaning scraps, by boaties at the boat ramp, into the water has led to a large resident population of stingrays.

These beautiful creatures must not be harmed (by law) but they do pose a nuisance to land-based fishing as they frequently take bait and run with your line.

You can locate Stony Point Pier at Lat -38.3599982 and Long 145.1924904.The elevation of Stony Point Pier is 8 m above sea level. You will need to drive 87 km from Melbourne to get to Stony Point Pier. It takes an average of 01:14:00 minutes to get to this fishing spot from Melbourne. Other fishing locations near Stony Point Pier include Hastings,Bittern, HMAS Cerberus.

Stony Point Pier Target Fish Species

Popular Stony Point Pier fish species include Calamari,Silver Trevally,Whiting,Flathead,Garfish,Mullet,Australian Salmon and Pinky Snapper. Many fishos find the following bait works well at Stony Point Pier: Chicken Breast, Pipis, Pilchards, White Bait, Sand Worms, Whitiing Fillets, Mussel, Silverfish, Dough, Peeled Prawn, Bass Yabbies, Pilchards. Many fishos find the following lures works well at Stony Point Pier: Squid tentacles and hood strips. Chicken breast, pilchards,whiting fillets,pipies,prawns.

Some of the Accommodation around Stony Point Pier includes: Stony Point Caravan Park. This location was first established in . You will find the following facilities at this location: Boat Ramp, Fish Cleaning Station,Free Parking,Free Trailer Parking, Caravan and Camping Park,General Store Public Toilets..

This location is part of the Western Port Bay of Vic, Australia. This location is located within the Mornington Peninsula local government area. Stony Point Pier is currently listed as open between: All Hours.

Best Fishing Times At Stony Point Pier

High Tide. Dawn and Dusk.

Fishing Stony Point Pier

Stony Point Pier is Unknown m in length. With respect to rod holders there are 6 to 9 feet for Whiting and smaller species. 10 to 12 foot for Snapper and Gummy Sharks installed at Stony Point Pier.

Starting A Boat Fishing Trip At Stony Point Boat Ramp

For those wanting to get away from the shore the boat ramp at Stony Point Pier is: All Weather 3 Lane Boat Ramp. You will find that for launching your boat the ramp surface is Sealed. You will find this boat ramp has 3 lanes.

Accommodation Options

Stony Point Caravan Park

Stony Point Pier Monthly Average Water Temperatures


There’s An Extreme Risk Of Hypothermia In The Water At Stony Point Pier. Hypothermia Kills.

Hypothermia is a real risk when immersed in water. Even warmer climates with warmer waters carry an element of risk. On top of Hypothermia there are other climatic and weather risks including heat, water current, wind and wave action.

  • When the water temperature in the area around Stony Point Pier is at or below 10C numbness sets in less than 5 minutes.

  • Hypothermia has already begun.

  • This means your ability to operate emergency devices, like mobile phones, radios and emergency beacons, is reduced or impossible. Your grip will be affected.

  • It becomes increasingly difficult to swim using arms and legs.

  • Within 30 to 60 minutes you become exhausted. Loss of consciousness follows.

  • Your expected survival time is between 1 and 3 hours depending on other environmental conditions.

Stony Point Pier Monthly Average Air Temperatures

Mean Max (°C)24.623.219.916.714.313.714.616.518.720.622.519.1

Stony Point Pier Water Temperature Vs Air Temperature & The Risk Of Hypothermia.

As Stony Point Pier is located in a region where air temperature drops down below 15 deg C the risk of rapid onset hypothermia is very real. Generally the temperature of water is a degree or so less than the average recent temperatures. In sub tropical areas this means that water temperature can be below 10 degrees and up to 20 degrees C.

Of course there are other factors in play here, including water depth (shallow fast running streams vs slow moving deeper rivers) and from where the water is being fed.

Location Information Details

NameStony Point Pier
Elevation8m above sea level.
Address1 Stony Point Rd, Crib Point VIC 3919
Nearest CapitalMelbourne, 87km aprox distance.
Time To Drive01:14:00 minutes
Post Code3920
Fishing KindSaltwater
Fish SpeciesCalamari,Silver Trevally,Whiting,Flathead,Garfish,Mullet,Australian Salmon and Pinky Snapper
Suggested BaitChicken Breast, Pipis, Pilchards, White Bait, Sand Worms, Whitiing Fillets, Mussel, Silverfish, Dough, Peeled Prawn, Bass Yabbies, Pilchards
Suggested LuresSquid tentacles and hood strips. Chicken breast, pilchards,whiting fillets,pipies,prawns
Best TimesHigh Tide. Dawn and Dusk.

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