Melbourne Land Based Fishing – Top Locations Reviewed 2022

Land Based Fishing around Melbourne offers you the chance to fish without a boat – or when using a boat is risky or too much hassle. Both freshwater rivers, creeks and lakes to the saltwater bays, estuaries and surf beaches. There’s a range of easy and challenging environments to get out there and GetFished! You can choose to fish light for smaller species like Mullet, Bream, Flathead or Redfin or […]

Port Phillip Bay Fishing – #1 2022 Awesome Melbourne Spot

The Piers A favourite of land-based anglers is pier fishing Port Phillip Bay with some wonderful piers to choose from. It is sad to see that in recent years Parks Victoria are seemingly not choosing to maintain the piers. While some communities in Victoria have managed to raise funds to save their piers many have […]

Blueys Boat Hire – Popular Fishing Boats 25km From Melbourne

Note, that I have not personally used Blueys Boat Hire Mordialloc services. As such I cannot make any specific personal recommendations one way or the other. The service offers a variety of boats of different sizes to help get you out onto the water, where the fish are, at a reasonable price. I have observed the Blueys hire […]

Sandringham Fishing – Super Cool Spot- 15km From Melbourne

Sandringham fishing largely centers around the rock wall and the Anchorage. The area has proven to be very successful for me. Sandringham is a bay-side suburb located on Melbourne’s beautiful Port Phillip Bay. In the right conditions, the fishing has been good if not excellent at times. It’s easy to overlook as it’s not visible from the road. Home […]

Wyndham Harbor Fishing – New Cool & 28km From Melbourne

Wyndham Harbour Rock Wall fishing is a relatively new option as it’s a pretty part of Werribee South. The rock wall, however, is certainly producing fish. It allows you to get a fair way out into the water. With good depth and structure. Update: Recently the Rock wall has been extensively fenced. It’s unclear if this was due to the […]

The Warmies – Still An Awesome Fishing Hot Spot In 2022

The Warmies fishing hot spot is considered to be one of the finest spots for fishing in Melbourne, by many. I’ve got to admit I love fishing the Warmies myself. Back when the area was the industrial heart of Melbourne old-timers loved to say “If the stack’s blowing… I know where I’m going!” Keep reading as I’ll explain […]

Werribee South Fishing – River Entrance

Werribee South fishing offers the Werribee South Pier on the estuary, Werribee South Boat Ramp, and more fishing at the Werribee South beach. As well as the adjacent Wyndham Harbour rock wall. One of my favourite spots in the Werribee South Pier. I’ve spent a lot of time on the pier. I’ve discovered it has good and bad years and good and bad times […]

Werribee South Beach

The Werribee South Beach extends from the Werribee River mouth north to the rock wall at Wyndham Harbour. The beaches to the south of the river are off-limits due to Melbourne Water boards usage. The beach area is fishable, though shallow, from the Northern bank of the Werribee River, starting just after the Werribee boat ramp and Werribee River Pier. From the beach, on the northern side, it’s possible […]

Portarlington Beach Fishing – Awesome Spot 106km From Melb

For the purposes of fishing Portarlington beach, we can divide it up into several sections. South of the Portarlington Pier and Portarlington rock wall.  I’ve not fished this beach, focussing instead on the pier and rock wall. The section just to the north of the pier – again not fished this.  But it’s a great place for kayak fishing. Then the […]

St Kilda Pier Fishing

St Kilda Pier Fishing on a warm summers night was how I started targetting flathead and pinkies as a teenager. St Kilda Pier has seen some pretty major modifications in the decades since then. It’s still a major icon on Port Phillip Bay and is rich in history. Going back to 1853! The addition of a rock wall and […]