Bays – 10+ Fantastic Melbourne Bays To Go Fishing & Boating

Port Phillip Bay Fishing

Bay fishing often produces different species compared to our surf beaches when it comes to saltwater fishing.

Bays also often play the role of fish nurseries. Where some species of fish head to spawn each year.

That’s because a bay often offers protection from deeper waters.

They are often fed by rivers and streams that offer a veritable fish pantry to adults and juveniles.

Shallow, wide bays (like Port Phillip Bay) can get very rough during windy conditions. More so than smaller, deeper bays. So care must be taken to stay aware of prevailing and potential weather conditions.

Victorian Bay Fishing Recommendations

Altona Boat Ramp

Altona boat ramp is a great place to launch a boat. Be it a fishing boat, tinny or even kayak.

St Kilda Boat Ramp

St Kilda Boat Ramp is part of the extensive St Kilda Marina complex. As far as boat ramps go this one can vary in terms of quality.

Mordialloc Creek

A lot of folks target bream in the estuary when Mordialloc Creek fishing. A lot of these folks eat what they catch.

Mordialloc Beach

During the summer months, Mordialloc beach fishing can be tricky as it gets pretty crowded. From swimmers, and sunbakers to the local beach volleyball clubs.

Mordialloc Boat Ramp

The Mordialloc Boat Ramp recently completed an significant upgrade. While I’ve not had a chance to check it out in person reports indicate improvements include:

Ferguson Street Pier

Ferguson Street Pier is close to the city of Melbourne, which means it can get a bit crowded during the peak season of warmer summer weather.

Mordialloc Pier

Fishing Mordialloc Pier offers a variety of fishing opportunities due to this length. Mordialloc Pier is a beautiful long pier extending 174 metres (570.

Gem Pier

Gem Pier in Williamstown is steeped in history. So if you’d like to try an awesome experience of mixing fishing along with some fantastic Melbourne history – give Gem Pier a try!

Kerferd Road Pier

Kerferd Road Pier fishing offers a simple, easy-to-access pier that produces the usual fishing species on Port Phillip Bay.

Lagoon Pier

Lagoon Pier fishing is considered to be all year round. Because it’s so close to the city it can get busy at times.

Station Pier Fishing

Station Pier is currently closed to the public for fishing. It is not known if the pier will reopen for this purpose.

The Warmies

The Warmies fishing hot spot is considered to be one of the finest spots for fishing in Melbourne, by many.

Werribee South Beach

The Werribee South Beach extends from the Werribee River mouth north to the rock wall at Wyndham Harbour. The beaches to the south of the river are off-limits due to Melbourne Water Board usage.

Werribee South Boat Ramp

Werribee South Boat Ramp A 30.0 Km Easy Drive From The City At the time of writing, boaties are calling on assistance to have the Werribee South Boat Ramp repaired.

Werribee South Pier

Werribee South Pier Fishing Werribee South Pier fishing (on the Werribee River Estuary) can be a challenge in the early part of the season.

Werribee River Entrance

Werribee South Fishing – River Entrance Overview Using the Werribee South boat ramp, heading out of the mouth into Port Phillip Bay gives access to deeper water with pinkie snapper, adult snapper, calamari, and Australian Salmon.

Williamstown Boat Ramp

Williamstown Boat Ramp is one of the better boat ramps in Melbourne, having relatively recently been upgraded. Sometimes referred to as Newport Boat Ramp due to the fact it is actually in the suburb of Newport, which is next to Williamstown.

Wyndham Harbor

Wyndham Harbor Fishing – New Cool & 28km From Melbourne Wyndham Harbour Rock Wall fishing is a relatively new option as it’s a pretty part of Werribee South.

Altona Pier

This pier is another casualty of a lack of maintenance by the Victorian State Government. It is closed, with no set repair time (if any.


Sandringham fishing largely centers around the rock wall and the Anchorage. The area has proven to be very successful for me.

St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier Fishing on a warm summer’s night was how I started targetting flathead and pinkies as a teenager.

Other Fishing Spots Near Bays