About Getfished & Why Dave Built It

G’day. Thanks for visiting Getfished!

Have you noticed that there’s a lot of information on the Internet about fishing in the USA? Or even the UK and Europe?

But the Australian fishing information is spread out over many sites?

Well. I sure have. There are some awesome forums and some awesome blog posts and tackle shop sites.

Some of it has been written by some awesome people – and it shows they know what they’re talking about.

Of course, there are some truly fantastic YouTube videos, too. I subscribe to many – and you should too! Some of those you’ll see featured on this website. I do that when I think the content in the video is awesome.

So for beginner and intermediate fishing, it can be a battle getting the right info.

The Getfished Goal

That’s why the long-term goal of Getfished is to build a resource that caters to beginner and intermediate fisho’s.

Here’s what you’ll discover on this site. I review the Victorian fishing spots I’ve actually visited. This includes great saltwater spots like Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. Looking at the best bait and tackle that’s worked for me – or others – in that location.

Spots close to the Melbourne metro area. Piers, beaches, estuaries. As well as Victorian regional spots.

I’ve been to a lot over the years. So adding spots is very much an ongoing process.

You’ll also find information on fishing tackle, DIY fishing tackle projects. Plus species information to help you catch more fish.

About Dave – A Geek, A Fisho

Getfished is owned, built and operated by me – er – “Dave” (David Scott Kane).

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. Where I also perform the role of Dad to two daughters and husband to a beautiful wife.

I have been fishing since I was a kid. Which was back in the mists of the 1960s & the 1970s.

A time when we all had long hair, a wide collar and listened to Pink Floyd.

OK. I still listen to Pink Floyd. Everybody has a weakness, right?

My passion has always been fishing. My regret is that there is never time to do it often enough!

(Wife Adds: Which is at least once a week – more if he can sneak out instead of chores – like mowing the lawn.)

By profession, I’m a software developer (programmer.) I have worked for multinational companies like National Semi-Conductor, Datachecker DTS, ICL Sytems and Fujitsu.

In addition, I’ve also written software and managed IT systems for smaller companies and retail independent and chain stores.

Even a well known Australian political party at one time (shakes head, what was I thinking?).

Fluent (before I stopped counting some years back) in 27 programming languages. Encompassing a career working on Mainframes, Bank Teller machines, Personal Computers, Mac’s, Linux, OS2 and of course the modern Internet’s PHP and JS.

Reptiles, Y2K & The US Navy?

I’ve also written software for Zoological parks (Reptile Management Software). While my MSA Y2K date remediation software was used on Personal Computers within the US Navies Pacific Fleet.

As well as being the #7 download at CNET for three years, used by millions of people at that time.

Struth! Give it a rest, mate. Brag, brag, brag. Who cares, am I right?

Look. Y2K didn’t cause planes to fall out of the sky – but it was darn right inconvenient and had the potential to cost the loss of money for a lot of businesses using Windows 3.1, 95 and 98 back then.

Hence the software tool.

…a bit like getting a fishhook stuck in your palm while sitting on a filleting knife…

In more recent years I have provided Internet Marketing services to small businesses and political parties in Australia.

The latter is a bit like getting a fishing hook stuck in your palm while sitting on a filleting knife.

However, I have started taking a step back from these services to focus a little more on personal projects (like Getfished.)

Fishing and programming tend to be a little mutually exclusive. Programming tends to leave one sitting in the office chair day and night – leaving little time for soaking bait or flicking lures.

Definitely time for a change, Right?

“If you get just one thing from this website, that helps your fishing, then that will have made my day, mate…”