About Getfished & Why Dave Built It

Have you noticed that there’s a lot of information on the Internet about fishing in the USA and Europe? But the Australian fishing information is spread out over many sites?

It’s there if you’ve got the time to wade through. All those great forums, blog posts and tackle shop sites.

Some of it has been written by some awesome people – and it shows they know what they’re talking about.

Some of it is, well, hmmm.. A few sentences, at best.

So for beginner and intermediate fishing, it can be a battle getting the right info. That’s why the long-term goal of Getfished is to build a resource that caters to beginner and intermediate fisho’s.

You’ll find information on fishing tackle, do it yourself fishing tackle projects. Plus species information to help you catch more fish.

Dave’s proud to be building the Fishing Spots Near Me application. This is a massive task. Beginning with fishing spots in Victoria Australia and growing from there.

About Dave
Getfished is owned, built and operated by Dave Scott. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dave has been fishing since he was a kid. Which was back in the mists of the 1970’s when Dave had long hair, a wide collar and listened to Pink Floyd.

OK. Dave still listens to Pink Floyd. Everybody has a weakness, right?

By profession, Dave is a software developer (programmer.) He’s worked for multinational companies like National Semi-Conductor, Datachecker DTS, ICL Sytems and Fujitsu. He’s also written software and managed IT systems for smaller companies and retail stores.

Dave’s fluent in (before he stopped counting some years back) 27 programming languages. Encompassing a career working on Mainframes, Bank Teller machines, Personal Computers, Mac’s, Linux, OS2 and of course the modern Internet’s PHP and JS.

He’s also written software for Zoological parks. While his MSA Y2K date remediation software was used on Personal Computers within the US Navies Pacific Fleet. As well as being the #7 download at CNET for three years, used by millions of people at that time.

In more recent years Dave has provided Internet Marketing services to small businesses and political parties in Australia. However, he has started taking a step back from these services to focus a little more on personal projects(like Getfished.)

Of course, most of this career stuff isn’t fishing – and that’s why Dave has built (and is still building) Getfished!

“If you get just one thing from this website, that helps your fishing, then that will have made my day, mate…”