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I believe smart recreational fishing enthusiasts, those of us who want to get more out of our hobby, in a world of increasing environmental pressures, MUST become better at applying strategies and tools. These are the things that increase the fun we get from our sport, while minimizing the impact on our waterways and aquatic species.

Soft plastics offer you the opportunity to reduce environmental wastage. Forget the commercial harvesting of bait and freezing it. At the same time quality soft plastics are biodegradable. Plus promoting reuse by taking home and re-dipping in attractant. While offering a more stimulating and often more effective alternative.

Combine this with less smell, more flexibility in carrying the right bait and tackle, in less space. Also the ability to use it in a variety of environments. These are some of the thing that make soft plastics one of the most exciting things to happen to recreational fishing.

When soft plastic lures are chosen for the right reasons. Presented in the right way. Fished creatively. Factors that can increase the number of active bites in a fishing sesssion. Important things if we wish to increase quality catches.

I get more action fishing soft plastics than frozen bait or other lures. Subscribe to GetFished (it's free) and I'll show you what works for me.

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About Dave

Getfished was founded by Dave Scott. Dave is a software developer (programmer) by profession and keen fisherman.

After spending most of his life building several successful software products, as well as websites, for other businesses in various niches (entertainment, agriculture, motor vehicles etc), he’s refocused on what he loves most: Fishing.

You’ll find that his approach to fishing is a little different to most. He's developed, over the course of many decades, an approach that is more relaxed. While at the same time, his technical background, tends to make him, to quote Dave "science the shit out of it...". This has helped him reduce complexity. Try out approaches experimentally. Getting far more out of the hobby than he thought possible.

If Dave tells you to "Go Getfished" he's usually just kidding around. Although at times it can be difficult to tell.