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Rivers in Victoria range from faster streams to slow-moving, mighty inland environments.

While inland rivers over the Great Dividing Range tend to be warmer coastal streams vary considerably in temperature and are generally more variable and cooler.

Some are navigable by boat, particularly the slower, deeper rivers such as the Murray and Goulburn.

Rivers: Fishing FAQ

What fish can I catch in Victorian Rivers?

Sadly one of the most prolific fish species is the obnoxious, imported pest the “European Carp.”

While some people do target this species – and eat them – for the most fisho’s they are an annoying by-catch that causes massive damage to native fish stocks and muddying of the waterways due to their mud foraging activities.

Carp should not, by law, be returned to waterways when caught.  They are a proscribed pest and should be dispatched as quickly and humanely as possible.

I’ve found a good use for carp – digging them into the compost and veggie garden.  That’s what I do with any I catch.

However – there’s a range of excellent native species that most people do enjoy catching.  Some are also imported and even managed by the Victorian State Government Fisheries Department.

These desirable species include Redfin (English Perch) and Brown and Rainbow Trout.  A wide variety of baits and lures can be used to target these species include worms, Bardi grubs, chicken, artificial flys and lures, soft plastics etc.

While native species include the prized Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, River Blackfish, native catfish, freshwater crayfish, yabbies etc.

Native species take a variety of baits and lures.  Muray Cod and Yellowbelly are often targetted on diving lures such as “Stumpjumbers”, spinners, surface lures and soft plastics.  While baits include worms, Bardi grubs, yabbies, fish fillets and chicken.

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