Victorian River Fishing Awesome Locations Reviewed

Port Phillip Bay Fishing

River fishing in Victoria is actually divided, for the most part, into three kinds.

The slower moving, wide and deep, warmer and mighty rivers to the north of the Great Dividing Range. Such as the Murray, Ovens and Goulburn.

The streams to the south are generally smaller and cooler and run directly into the sea in Victoria itself.

The mountain waters are often streams that offer trout fishing conditions similar to those one might expect in the Northern Hemisphere. Trout, of course, is an introduced, but carefully managed, fish species in Victora.

Check out some river fishing locations below – or recent Victorian River Fishing Collated Reports.

Inland waterways in Victoria range from faster streams to slow-moving, mighty inland environments.

While inland - over the Great Dividing Range tend to be warmer coastal streams vary considerably in temperature and are generally more variable and cooler.

Some are navigable by boat, particularly the slower, deeper waterways such as the Murray and Goulburn.

Many of the larger waterways are dammed, sometimes in several places. These make extensive lake systems that further alter the natural fishing environment. This has affected the flow of those waterways. As the dams were built for agricultural irrigation the flow is often faster during the summer months when outflows are increased due to demand.

It should be noted that the damming has been detrimental to some native fish species. Fish like Murray Cod tend to spawn during floods. Dams often reduce flooding and wetlands. Reducing spawning opportunities

What fish can I catch in Victorian Rivers?

Sadly one of the most prolific fish species in Victorian streams is the obnoxious, imported pest the “European Carp.” While some people do target this species – and eat them – for the most fishos they are an annoying by-catch that causes massive damage to native fish stocks and muddying of the waterways due to their mud foraging activities. Carp should not, by law, be returned to waterways when caught. They are proscribed pests and should be dispatched as quickly and humanely as possible. I’ve found a good use for carp – digging them into the compost and veggie garden. That’s what I do with any I catch. However – there’s a range of excellent native species that most people do enjoy catching. Some are also imported and even managed by the Victorian State Government Fisheries Authority. These desirable species include Redfin (English Perch) and Brown and Rainbow Trout. A wide variety of baits and lures can be used to target these species including worms, Bardi grubs, chicken, artificial flies and lures, soft plastics etc. While native species include the prized Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, River Blackfish, native catfish, freshwater crayfish, yabbies etc. Native species take a variety of baits and lures. Murray Cod and Yellowbelly are often targeted on diving lures such as “Stump-jumpers”, spinners, surface lures and soft plastics. While baits include worms, Bardi grubs, yabbies, fish fillets and chicken.

Victorian River Fishing Recommendations

Lake Nagambie

Lake Nagambie Boat Ramp is a free, public boat ramp. The ramp allows you to launch into the Goulburn River.

Powlett River

The Powlett River Estuary, five minutes from the township of Kilcunda, is often blocked to the sea. Causing it to form a wide, shallow lake.

Fishermans Bend

The Yarra Estuary on the Port Melbourne side of the river is often known as “Fishermans Bend.” As you might suspect from the name it’s a good spot to go fishing.

The Warmies

The Warmies fishing hot spot is considered to be one of the finest spots for fishing in Melbourne, by many.

Werribee River

Fishing Werribee River has increasingly become a better option in recent years. The efforts by the Victorian Fisheries Authority to stock the river with species like Estuary Perch are very welcome.

Werribee South Boat Ramp

Werribee South Boat Ramp A 30.0 Km Easy Drive From The City At the time of writing, boaties are calling on assistance to have the Werribee South Boat Ramp repaired.

Werribee South Pier

Werribee South Pier Fishing Werribee South Pier fishing (on the Werribee River Estuary) can be a challenge in the early part of the season.

Werribee River Entrance

Werribee South Fishing – River Entrance Overview Using the Werribee South boat ramp, heading out of the mouth into Port Phillip Bay gives access to deeper water with pinkie snapper, adult snapper, calamari, and Australian Salmon.

Plenty River

Plenty River fishing can be challenging. The banks can be steep. The water is often very shallow. The Plenty River stretches from the Great Dividing Range as a stream.

Sweeneys Flats

Fishing Sweeneys Flats Eltham is a well-known hotspot for locals. With its bushland setting sitting on the Yarra River it offers a number of freshwater habitats for fishing.


Werribee Fishing Werribee Fishing opportunities include the Werribee South Pier, Beach and of course access to the Werribee River via the Boat Ramp.

Other Fishing Spots Near Rivers