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Wyndham Harbour Rock Wall

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50 Quay Blvd, Werribee South VIC 3030, Australia

40 km from Melbourne via Princess Highway

Lng: 144.7063731



Getfished Tip, Wyndham Harbour Rock Wall

This post is a small part taken from our Fishing Werribee River Entrance Getfished Article.

Wyndham Harbour Rock Wall is a relatively new area. The rock wall, however, has begun producing fish. It allows you to get a fair way out into the water. With good depth and structure.

You should be able to cast towards the south-east directly into Port Phillip Bay.

Flathead is a common catch. While Pinky SnapperPinky Snapper Pinky SnapperThe name "Pinky Snapper" refers to the immature Snapper.  Their skin colour is different from adults (its pinker.)

Adulthood is usually considered on fish greater than 40cm - or in the 1.5 to 2kg - range, with a darker red colouration.
during the spring, summer and autumn are increasingly being reported.

Be aware that access is limited in the marina area. Security will ask you to leave the boat access section after a certain time at night. Understandable as some of the boats there are pretty expensive.

From the beach, it’s possible to cast out for flathead and whiting. Look for deeper holes between sandbars. Google Maps or Google Earth are handy for this.

A beach rod of around 10 foot is ideal. Fishing light though, unless you need the weight because of the wind.

I’d recommend a paternoster rigPaternoster Rig Paternoster Rig here if fishing fresh or frozen bait. Keeping your bait above the structure. Definitely use berleyBerley Berley. I’ve been here a number of times and am always amazed at how many fishos fish – without landing anything – and never use berley.

Note that it can get busy in the summertime.

A lot of small boats and kayakers fish just off the shore here. Conditions can be perfect at times. Like glass. But be wary of onshore winds if you’re in a yak or small boat. It can get choppy fast and the winds blowing from the west (onshore) can make returning to land difficult.

What Fish Can You Catch At Werribee? ?

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What's The Best Bait & Tackle At Werribee?

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