Fishing Williamstown

Ferguson Street Pier, Williamstown VIC, Australia

Williamstown, located on Port Phillip Bay right near the mouth of the Yarra River.

It offers a wealth of piers and fishing opportunities right next door to the heart of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia.

Williamstown Pier, Anne Street Pier and Gem Pier fishing see species such as Pinkie Snapper, Snapper and Flathead right in close to the city. Not to mention the Bream.

Upstream from the mouth of the Yarra River, the Maribyrnong River flows into the Yarra. This provides a significant estuary with excellent flows and a variety of fish species – including mulloway.

As Williamstown is partially composed of industrial and marine industries some areas, particularly the naval dockyard area.

Williamstown pier is a great fishing spot for people in the west or inner city, but I find it’s not that near me to make it a personal favourite. Having said that – don’t let my northeastern suburbs location put you off!

Ferguson Street Pier Williamstown

Lat: -37.8593858, Lng:  144.9034121
Ferguson Street Pier, Williamstown VIC, Australia

While you’ll catch pinky snapper and flathead at times – Ferguson Street Pier produces some great Bream catches.

Being close to the city it can get crowded – especially weekends.  However, during the week and cooler weather, it can be a great spot.

You’ll see a lot of kids targetting mullet at times.  But don’t be fooled by that.  Some sizable snapper and even gummy sharks are caught from this pier.

As far as baits go – Port Phillip Bay staples like Pillies (pilchards), squid and even chicken are common choices.

Note that only two fishing lines are permitted per angler.

Williamstown Boat Ramp

Lat: -37.8467293, Lng:  144.8984081
Williamstown Boat Ramp, Newport VIC, Australia

Located near The Warmies. You’ll find 55 car and boat trailer parking spots.

This is one of the better boat ramps in Melbourne, being relatively new.

It can get pretty busy at times, so it pays to be early.  

Also – you need to be aware of the shipping channel and watercraft – both boats and ships.  Taking appropriate precautions.

The Warmies – “If the stack’s blowing… I know where I’m going!”

Lat: -37.8464942, Lng:  144.8993254
The Warmies, Newport VIC, Australia

The Warmies is a local nickname for a channel running from the Newport power station to the Yarra River, meeting Port Phillip Bay.

It’s considered to be one of the finest spots for fishing in Melbourne, by many.

While it’s technically in the suburb of Newport I’ve included here under Williamstown. That’s because of proximity to the boat ramp.

Essentially the power station pumps warm water, used to drive it’s turbines, into the channel. 

This warmer water rises from as low as nine degrees C to 22 degrees C  – and unsurprisingly is favoured by fish.

There’s a large carpark, public toilets, parkland and BBQ facilities.  It’s pretty well serviced.  It can also get incredibly overcrowded at times.  So it’s important to be respectful of other anglers.  Take care not to cast over lines already out there and crowd other folks out.

Bream, Mullet and the mighty Mulloway can be caught all year round.  Snapper and flathead moving in during Spring and Summer.

During the Winter and Spring Australian Salmon and Tailor can be caught.Some of the best times to fish are when the smokestack is operating at the power station.  That’s when the warmer water is flowing into the channel.  Fishing at night is best if you’re targetting Mulloway.

Fish the tide changes in general as this channel is pretty much devoid of fish-friendly structure.

Baits and lures are varied here.  Hard body spinning, soft plastics, frozen baits like pipi, squid head, squid tentacles, whitebait, pilchards, sandworms, prawns and Bass yabbies are popular choices.

From time to time some pretty impressive Mulloway and Snapper are taken at the Warmies.

Gem Pier

Lat: -37.8620874, Lng:  144.9053318
Gem Pier, Syme Street, Williamstown VIC, Australia

Gem Pier gets pretty busy.  I’d look at fishing weekdays and evenings or early mornings.

Over weekends and public holidays, it’s really too busy for my taste.A lot of Pinkies, Flathead and Bream get caught from the pier at times. Often on pilchards and prawns.

But I’ve seen some effective use of soft plastics for Flathead, too. 

Some fisho’s claiming it tends to get more bites than Altona Pier.


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