Williamstown Boat Ramp

Ramp Overview Williamstown Boat Ramp is one of the better boat ramps in Melbourne, having relatively recently been upgraded. It’s located in the same location as the…

Ramp Overview

Williamstown Boat Ramp is one of the better boat ramps in Melbourne, having relatively recently been upgraded.

It’s located in the same location as the famous Warmies beloved of land-based anglers

It can get pretty busy at times, as trailer parking is very limited.

So it pays to be early. In fact – you can expect a queue of cars and trailers on weekends and public holidays from late spring through to early autumn.

This is the “snapper season.” The ramp can become very slow – peak hour traffic jam kind of slow. Tempers do flare – “ramp rage” really is a thing. Sadly.

Don’t forget – you need to be aware of the shipping channel and watercraft – both boats and ships.  Taking appropriate precautions is a must.

Big ships take a lot longer to turn around. So they have “right of way” by virtue of their sheer size.

One excellent aspect of this boat ramp as a launching place is its proximity into the Yarra and indeed Marrybinong estuaries. You can navigate smaller craft all the way up to Flemington Racecourse on the Marrybinong. While most recreational sized craft should manage to reach Princess Bridge or even Swan St Bridge via the Yarra River.

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Of course, access to Hobson’s Bay (within Port Phillip Bay) and the wider PPB area is the goal of most folks using Williamstown boat ramp.

This would not be my choice for launching craft like kayaks. There’s plenty of beaches towards Altona and at Williamstown itself that will be less stressful, accessible and work just as well for you.

Facilities such as toilets, cleaning etc are available. Though when I’ve been there their cleanliness has been less than stellar.

Williamstown / Newport Kayak Launching

Launching a kayak from the Williamstown boat ramp is simple and easier than some other bayside spots.

That’s because the ramp is reasonably well protected from offshore winds and wave action when compared to say the Altona boat ramp.

As always take care not to block the ramp when launching your kayak. Do the preparation of your gear before launching from the ramp – back in the car-park.

Williamstown Boat Ramp Address

Address: Williamstown Boat Ramp, Newport VIC, Australia
Lat: -37.8467293
Lng: 144.8984081
Proximity: 14.6 km from Melbourne's GPO via M1

Location Review & Rating


  • Close to Melbourne
  • Calm Launching Conditions
  • Free Trailer Parking
  • Public Toilets
  • Access Port Phillip Bay
  • A good place to learn to launch your boat during quieter and cooler months


  • No boat cleaning facilities that I have seen
  • No fish catch cleaning facilities
  • Only two boats can launch at a time
  • Docking area limited to a few boats at a time
  • Limited Trailer Parking Bays During Peak Season
  • Can be crazy busy during summer

Review Overview

Boat Ramp Condition
Public Toilets
Trailer Parking
Fish Cleaning
Boat Cleaning Facilities


Williamstown Boat Ramp -technically located in the suburb of Newport - is one of the better boat ramps in Melbourne, having relatively recently been upgraded. It's located in the same location as the famous "Warmies" beloved of land-based anglers

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