Werribee South Beach Fishing

The Werribee South Beach extends from the Werribee River mouth north to the rock wall at Wyndham Harbour. The beaches to the south are…

The Werribee South Beach extends from the Werribee River mouth north to the rock wall at Wyndham Harbour.

The beaches to the south are off-limits due to Melbourne Water boards usage.

The beach area is fishable, though shallow, from the Northern bank of the Werribee River, starting just after the Werribee boat ramp and Werribee River Pier.

From the beach, on the northern side, it’s possible to cast out for flathead and whiting. Look for deeper holes between sandbars. Google Maps or Google Earth are handy for this.

A beach rod of around 10 foot is ideal. Fishing light though, unless you need the weight because of the wind.

So keep that sinker as light as you can, without sacrificing casting distance.

Note that it can get busy in the summertime. In fact, it can get pretty busy on nice summer days towards evening.

It’s a popular spot for families, not just fisho’s.

Werribee South Beach Fishing
Werribee South Beach Fishing

Boat Fishing Offshore From The Beach

A lot of small boats and kayakers fish just off the shore here. Conditions can be perfect at times. Like glass. But be wary of onshore winds if you’re in a yak or small boat.

It can get choppy fast and the winds blowing from the west (onshore) can make returning to land difficult. Not to mention the river mouth’s white caps in these conditions. While it is dredged there can be minor “bar” conditions at times.

Smaller boat and kayak fisho’s target flathead and pinky snapper. With some scoring some pretty good calamari in the offshore sea grasses.

Campbells Cove is only a short distance away by boat and is a popular fishing spot for boaties and kayak fishing. Campbells Cove is located to the north of Werribee South Beach and extends to the RAAF base (check conditions for off-limit areas, especially if accessing by land.)

Kayak Launching Off The Werribee South Beach

There are a number of car-parks giving access to the beach that are great for launching kayaks. Especially if you’d prefer to avoid the Werribee South Boat Ramp traffic.

Doing so will get you out into slightly deeper water, just offshore. There are some great flathead and calamari fishing to be had from your kayak here.

Werribee South Beach Fish Species

Fish Species Suggested Bait
Black Bream
Black Bream
All Year Round.
Can become less active during Winter. Activity picking up late August. Active during warmer months.

Bluebait, Chicken Breast, Crabs, Earthworms, Mussels, Pilchards, Pipis, Prawns, Sandworms, Whitebait

Bluebait, Chicken Breast, Flathead Fillets, Mullet Fillets, Mussels, Pilchards, Pipis, Prawns, Sandworms, Squid Tentacles, Whitebait, Whiting Fillets
Pinky Snapper
Pinky Snapper
All Year Round. But much more prevalent during warmer months.
October through to March.

Bluebait, Chicken Breast, Flathead Fillets, Mullet Fillets, Pilchards, Pipis, Squid Tentacles, Whitebait, Whiting Fillets

*Some fish species vary according to time of year and local environmental conditions.


Address: Werribee South Beach, Beach Road, Werribee South VIC, Australia
Lat: -37.9736195
Lng: 144.6963911
Proximity: 40 km from Melbourne via Princess Highway



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