If you’re like me you probably enjoy fishing at some of the great saltwater fishing spots in Victoria. But – it’s often a question of where?

Where are other people going? What are their favourite places?

While you could ask other people you know there’s a good chance they’re not going to want to tell you. Not because they’re mean, but in fishing, let’s face it…  One’s company and two’s a crowd. Right?

Of course, it is.

We’re all a bit like that. No need to Go GetSalty about it all!

Still. It’d be nice to know. It’s true.

So. How about getting the skinny on the prefered Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Spots in Victoria?

Do you want it? We’ve got it.

With full credit to the VFA government survey.

Victorian Saltwater Fishing Top Locations

LocationPercentageFrom Melbourne
#1 Port Phillip Bay52.2%4.6 km
#2 Western Port Bay28.1%81.4 km
#3 Gippsland Lakes11.5%277 km
#4 Phillip Island10.3%142 km
#5 Lakes Entrance Coastal8.6%320 km
Top 5 Victorian Saltwater Fishing Spots 16

Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Hotspots In Victoria

The good folks at the VFA asked 10,314 Vic Fishing license holders what their favourite Saltwater Victorian fishing spots were.  Painstakingly fed the results into their number-crunching machine – and out popped…

Port Phillip Bay, Western Port Bay, Gippsland Lakes, Phillip Island and Lakes Entrance Coastal.

To the right (below if you’re on a mobile phone), we’ve assembled their discoveries for you.

Getfished has put it into a quick view saltwater chart, a grid showing how far you need to travel – and put the top salty spots onto a map. 

Clicking the map will open a new window with an interactive map you can play with.

Bonus points if you guessed Port Phillip Bay was going to be number one!!  

Top 5 Victorian Favorite Saltwater Fish

Do you like snapper? How about flathead?

“Huh!”, you say, “Is water wet?”

You love ’em we’ve got them – and more.

The good folks at the Victorian Fisheries Authority included that information in their 2018 survey of 10,314 license holders, too.

To make it easy to read we’ve assembled it into charts and tables. Including the fish species and some recommended bait, you can try. Some of the things that have worked here at Getfished and other people we know about.

So, firmly holding our breath, they are…Snapper , King George whiting , Flathead (other than Dusky) , Squid  and  Gummy Shark .

On the right of this text it’s available in the tabs.

Don’t forget to check out the Melbourne Snapper Fishing Report page, too. As well as our general Victorian Fishing Reports page.

SpeciesFishing LocationPrefer To Catch

Port Phillip Bay , Western Port Bay ,
Apollo Bay , Mallacoota Inlet ,
Warrnambool / Port Fairy , Lake Tyers ,
Portland , Barwon River Estuary ,
Lakes Entrance Coastal , Phillip Island

King George Whiting
Port Phillip Bay , Western Port Bay ,
Phillip Island , Barwon River Estuary ,
Lakes Entrance Coastal , Apollo Bay ,
Lake Tyers , Portland ,
Warrnambool / Port Fairy , Mallacoota Inlet

Flathead (other than Dusky)
Port Phillip Bay , Western Port Bay ,
Gippsland Lakes , Phillip Island ,
Lakes Entrance Coastal , Barwon River Estuary ,
Portland , Apollo Bay ,
Lake Tyers , Warrnambool / Port Fairy ,
Mallacoota Inlet

Port Phillip Bay , Western Port Bay ,
Phillip Island , Gippsland Lakes ,
Lakes Entrance Coastal , Portland ,
Apollo Bay , Warrnambool / Port Fairy ,
Mallacoota Inlet

Gummy Shark
Port Phillip Bay , Western Port Bay ,
Phillip Island , Lakes Entrance Coastal ,
Portland , Apollo Bay ,
Warrnambool / Port Fairy , Mallacoota Inlet


Pilchards , Bluebait , Whitebait ,
Squid , Soft Plastics , Hard Bodied Lure ,
Prawns , Chicken

King George Whiting
Pippis , Bluebait , Whitebait ,
Prawns , Pilchards , Mussels ,

Flathead (other than Dusky)
Soft Plastics , Prawns , Pilchards ,
Bluebait , Whitebait , Pippis ,
Mussels , Chicken , Beachworms ,

Squid Jig

Gummy Shark
Squid , Pilchards

For the most part saltwater fishing tends to be more accessible for people in Melbourne when compared to freshwater fishing.

This is largely due to the difficulty accessing some of the major freshwater fishing spots. What should be easy to get to, for example, the Yarra River, is often limited in access. This is particularly so for elderly and disabled.

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