Portarlington Boat Ramp – At The Holiday Park

AddressPortarlington Holiday Park Boat Ramp
Lat/Lng-38.108632, 144.63747
Distance43.6 km from Melbourne
Current Temp21.1 °C- Stable - Station: Geelong
Barometer1008.0 hPa - Stable
WindN-NW - 5 km/h
Fishability Fishing Forecast Rating Star Fishing Forecast Rating Star Fishing Forecast Rating Star Fishing Forecast Rating Star Fishing Forecast Rating Star 5/5

Portarlington Boat Ramp – At The Holiday Park Overview

Portarlington Holiday Park Boat RampThe Portarlington Holiday Park Boat Ramp is provided for the caravan and camping patrons.   So it is not a public ramp.

I’ve not personally launched from this ramp.  However, reports from those who have indicated it’s generally in pretty good condition.

My last inspection, October 2019, showed it to be nice for 4wd’s but risky for 2wd vehicles.  This is due to the sand build-up on the ramp.  So I’d advise caution.

Portarlington Boat Ramp Sand Build Up

Like most bayside ramps it can get a bit of build-up from washed-up weed and sand.  Watch the back tyres for slipping at low tide. This is why I tend to lean towards recommending it to 4WD users. Especially with heavier boats.

Generally, I carry a bag of kitty litter with me when launching a boat.  It gives my back tyres something to grab if conditions on the ramp warrant it. It’s a cheap, simple and environmentally harmless solution.  Just be sure you buy the fired clay varieties as the newspaper recycled kind isn’t going to work.

On my inspection, at that time, of the Portarlington Holiday Park Boat Ramp, the kitty litter trick wouldn’t have worked this boat ramp. To much sand and weed for my RWD Ford Falcon. Particularly at low tide. I’d not attempt a Front Wheel Drive on this ramp at all!

Given the amount of available beach that’s close by and away from the boaties I recommend choosing another spot for shore-based.

Crowding out boaties is unnecessary, unfair and dangerous to them, you and other members of the public.

Courtesy and consideration will always go to improve our hobby.

To the north and south of the boat ramp are ample clean and clear beaches for casting from the shore.

Fishing Hotspot Map

Portarlington Boat Ramp - At The Holiday Park Review Summary

If you're staying at the Portarlington Holiday Park then in my opinion this is the best boat ramp in town.

It can get weed and sand-covered after a big blow - but it does get cleaned.  More so than the council and state government operated ramps.

It makes for good access for small to medium-sized craft into Port Phillip and Corio Bays.

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