Kerferd Road Pier fishing offers a simple, easy-to-access pier that produces the usual fishing species on Port Phillip Bay.

Snapper, Flathead, Flounder, Trevally, Mullet and Calamari are all caught by anglers.

There’s the odd big snapper – especially during a big blow, with the vast majority of catches being smaller pinky snapper and flathead.

Kerferd Road Pier Fishing Overview

As a general rule of thumb, fish the rising tide for snapper and pinkies, then the low and running out tide for flathead.

Keep in mind, as with all fishing spots, these rules are never hard and fast.

While Kerferd Road Pier is closer to Albert Park I’ve included it under the Port Melbourne fishing topic as it’s within range of the other hotspots in the area if you’re looking to target a series of locations.

Suggest Bait When Fishing Kerferd Road Pier

A lot of fishos choose pilchards, raw chicken breast and squid.

Personally, I’ve used whitebait, bluebait, prawns as well as soft plastics successfully at Kerferd Road Pier. With good catches of pinkies – many legal-sized.

I’d like to get back there and try out some chicken with my “secret sauce” as I have a feeling it would perform well here.

When fishing with bait I generally use a paternoster rig here. Though, on occasion will select a running sinker if the water is a bit rough.

Having said that. When I target flathead I’ll generally use soft plastics at Kerferd Road. Motor-oil colour works well. Paddle-tails are my usual choice.

Like all Piers close to the city this pier can get pretty busy. Split between folks fishing and people sightseeing.

Parking can be difficult at the weekend and on public holidays. Also later in the day in warmer weather. Parking is not free beachside, but there is some free parking in the backstreets. Just make note of the signs.

I’ve found it can get pretty busy later in the afternoon and early morning.

So, like most of the inner Melbourne fishing locations – in the warmer months, it pays to arrive a little earlier.

Some years back repairs did a lot to restore usage off this pier, after being closed for several years. So it feels nice and solid underfoot again, at the time of writing.

Kerferd Road Pier Fishing Tackle

Generally, I’d recommend fishing Kerferd Road Pier using light tackle.

However – there’s an exception to this.   During a big blow snapper often come in close here.  So heavier tackle is in order to handle a snapper rig and be able to case it.

At that time a beach rod and a snapper sinker with some chunky baits on a paternoster rig will often be needed to get the job done.

The rest of the time though fishing Kerferd Road Pier with light tackle is where the smart money is.

Either a running sinker or paternoster rig if using bait.  A light spinning rod with a line under 10kg (5 or 6kg often better) and light sinkers.

Kerferd Road Pier Fish Species

Fish Species Quick Info
Australian Salmon
Arripis trutta
All Year Round
Common for schools to move through, chopping up the water before moving on. Can be common during cooler months.
Black Bream
Acanthopagrus butcheri
All Year Round. But much more prevalent during warmer months.
Platycephalus sp
All Year Round
Hemiramphidae sp*

Season: All Year Round – More common in cooler months. Seasonal Note: 40 or More Species found in Victorian Waters Suggested Bait: Small pieces of fish, bread, pippis or chicken suspended beneath either a float or feeder float are popular garfish rigs.
Mugilidae sp
All Year Round
Can sometimes be the only game in town during cooler weather.
Pinky Snapper
Chrysophrys auratus
All Year Round. But much more prevalent during warmer months.
This name applies to juvenile specimens of Snapper
Chrysophrys auratus
All Year Round. But much more prevalent during warmer months.
Adult specimens often come closer towards shore to feed on reefs during rougher weather in warmer months.

Kerferd Road Pier Fishing Review Summary

Kerferd Road Pier is a well-established, historical fishing location and can get busy at times.

However, catches of fish are often good for a variety of species.

But it is certainly well worth trying.  Especially if you live close by!

Mostly because it is historically productive.  Is easy to access and offers a great range of fish species.


  • Close and easy access from Melbourne
  • Family-friendly – children under strict supervision
  • Good range of fish habitats and fish species
  • In the right conditions, you can target big Snapper
  • In clear, calm conditions Squid fishing can be productive.
  • Good spot for targeting flathead
  • Some free parking to be had in back streets, subject to signage.


  • Parking is good, but can work out expensive during the day.
  • Toilets unpredictable. Sometimes fair – sometimes rancid.
  • Traffic can be heavy during peak hour

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