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Melbourne Fishing

Fishing around Melbourne includes the fantastic Port Phillip Bay, nearby Western Port Bay, the Yarra, Marrybinong and their tributaries.

When fisho’s think of Melbourne they often think “Port Phillip Bay Snapper.”  While snapper fishing is fantastic, Melbourne has a smorgasbord of other species and fishing opportunities that are easily overlooked.

Melbourne Fishing: Fishing FAQ

What type of fishing can you do around Melbourne?

From the beautiful Port Phillip Bay.  The large tidal flows of Western Port Bay.  The estuaries of the Yarra, Maribyrnong, Werribee and other rivers – Melbourne has a lot of fishing variety.

You can fish from the beaches for bream, mullet, flathead and whiting.  The piers for all of those species – plus snapper, Australian Salmon, Silver Trevally, Calamari (squid) and even gummy shark.

You can get out in the estuaries and the bays in a boat, increasing your fishing opportunities and available species.

While in the “fresh” you can target freshwater species such as Murray Cod, Redfin, trout, eels and even the insidious Europen Carp.

What licenses do I need to go fishing in Melbourne?

Most people will need a fishing license.  This is available at most tackle stores – or online from the Victorian Fisheries Authority website.

There are exceptions to the license requirement including people over 70 or under 18 years of age.  Some pensioners including aged and disability.  As well as some indigenous people.

Always check the VFA website above to see if you meet any exceptions.

In addition, you need to familiarize yourself with regulations including catch limits, size, seasons and protected species.

If you are using a powerboat you will require a boating license.  There are exemptions for interstate boats – providing you have a license in your state of origin.

Melbourne Fishing: Related Videos

Youtube Channel: Wayne o'keeffe

What I enjoy about watching Wayne is that he gets to some really unique locations to fish.

That and his habit of not just “looking for the big one.”  Wayne will change down his tackle to smaller hook sizes in order to “catch a fish.”

Catch and release, of course, plays a vital role in his strategy.

In my opinion, Wayne’s channel is one of the best to watch for people struggling to catch anything at all or who are just starting out.  So check it out here!

Experienced fishos will love his enthusiasm and his techniques. It’s great to see somebody consistently catch bream!

His use of berley is brilliant.  He also sells many of the products he uses from his website – I use his “Bite Hard Berley” and berley cages and heartily endorse them.

Youtube Channel: Land Fish TV

Lincoln makes fishing for flathead with soft-plastic lures look easy.

His easy-going and friendly manner makes watching (and learning) about fishing in Melbourne a load of fun.

Mostly land-based, but also kayak and boating videos where he catches some great fish – not far from the CBD.

Definitely subscribe to his channel on Youtube.

By Dave - from Getfished!


Dave spends most of his time split between fishing, working on Getfished and on boating and kayak fishing. After 30+ years as a programmer spending more time as a fisho has allowed him to grow his passion for the hobby. Running Getfished has meant Dave's been able to share some of the places he loves to fish at. As well as some of his favourite tackle and gear.