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Victorian estuaries are great fishing environments.  From the far south-west coast, the central region with the Yarra and Maribyrnong, the massive Lakes Entrance and surrounding waterways. Capped off with river and creeks across to the far eastern border.

The Lakes Entrance waterway is notable as Victoria’s largest estuary system.

Estuaries: Fishing FAQ

What fish species are found in Victorian Estuaries?

By far the most sought after fish species in the Black Bream.  However, catches of mullet, flathead, Australian Salmon, Pinky Snapper, Tommy Rough, Whiting and even Squid (Calamari) are very uncommon.

Larger species include the Mulloway – not a common catch but targetted by many anglers hoping for a powerful fighting fish.

By-catch species include the puffer fish or “toady.”  While they may seem like a nuisance they are an essential species to the ecosystem and are 100% protected in Australian waters.  So they must be returned, unharmed, into the water as quickly as possible.

What tackle should I use in a Victorian Estuary?

Generally lighter tackle works better in most estuary systems – unless targetting species such as Mulloway.

So a 2000 to 4000 sized reel on a 6 to a 9-foot rod is generally correct.

Light lines under 10lb are preferable, with a leader if desired.

Paternoster rigs are common, though a running sinker can be effective as well.

What are good baits for Victorian Estuaries?

Estuary baits include whitebait, pilchards, squid, octopus, pipis, sandworms, prawns, chicken and even earthworms.

Lures, particularly soft plastics, work extremely well in Victorian estuaries.

Many anglers deploy float systems to suspend their bait and this method can be very effective.

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