Fishermans Bend Fishing

The Yarra Estuary on the Port Melbourne side of the river is often known as “Fishermans Bend.” As you might suspect from the name it’s a good spot to go fishing.  It’s a great spot to take the kids fishing. Historically the area was the home of the General Motors Holden Plant.  The spot where Australia’s first mass-produced car was […]

Lagoon Pier Fishing

Lagoon Pier fishing is considered to be all year round. Because it’s so close to the city it can get busy at times. I’ve tended to catch smaller flathead and pinkies here. Most I returned to the water, a few were of legal size. Some fishos report catching bream, mullet, salmon and trevally. The pier […]

Kerferd Road Pier Fishing

Kerferd Road Pier fishing offers a simple, easy to access pier that produces the usual fishing species on Port Phillip Bay. Snapper, Flathead, Flounder, Trevally, Mullet and Calamari are all caught by anglers. There’s the odd big snapper – especially during a big blow, with the vast majority of catches being smaller pinky snapper and flathead. […]

Station Pier Fishing

Station Pier is currently closed to the public for fishing. It is not known if they pier will reopen for this purpose. Station Pier is a firm favourite fishing spot, going back to the nineteenth century, located in Port Melbourne on Beach Street. Fish species vary from Bream, Flathead to Pinky Snapper, adult Snapper and Whiting. Not to mention […]

Port Melbourne Fishing

Fishing Port Melbourne – Overview Port Melbourne fishing is a great experience.  It is also the closest Port Phillip Bay fishing near Melbourne. Many of the local fishing spots are shared with commercial activity. Being Melbourne’s principal port the navy, ferry service to Tasmania and container ships use the area. As such some areas are […]

Altona Pier Fishing

Altona Pier fishing, in recent times, has seen an artificial reef placed just off the end of the pier. Making the pier one of the best Altona fishing spots for land-based fisho’s. That’s the facing south end looking out into Port Phillip Bay. The reef is designed to improve fish stocks in the locality of the pier by […]

Ferguson Street Pier Fishing

Ferguson Street Pier is close to the city of Melbourne, which means it can get a bit crowded during the peak season of warmer summer weather. However, during the week and cooler weather, it can be a great spot attracting fewer people. It is a great pier for targetting flathead and bream on soft plastics! I’ve […]

Werribee Fishing

Werribee Fishing opportunities include the Werribee South Pier, Beach and of course access to the Werribee River via the Boat Ramp. There’s also plenty of land-based and kayak fishing to be had much further upstream, including the upper estuary and freshwater areas of the river. Launching from the river allows you access to some great […]

Williamstown Fishing

Williamstown fishing goes back to the early days of Melbourne.  Located on Port Phillip Bay right around the corner from the mouth of the Yarra River. It offers a wealth of piers and fishing opportunities. Plus it’s right next door to the heart of Melbourne. Major Piers include Gem Pier and Ferguson Pier.  There are […]

Williamstown Boat Ramp

Williamstown Boat Ramp is one of the better boat ramps in Melbourne, having relatively recently been upgraded. Sometimes referred to as Newport Boat Ramp due to the fact it is actually in the suburb of Newport, which is next to Williamstown. It’s located in the same location as the famous Warmies fishing hotspot beloved of land-based anglers It can get pretty busy at […]