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Not only does do it yourself – aka DIY – tackle projects save money it can be a lot of fun, too!

Some of these tackle projects are things I’ve built myself. Where that’s the case I link to a more in-depth article. For example my DIY Fishing Trolley Project.

Others are fishing tackle projects have been done well by others. Many of these I use, so I’ve linked to their YouTube video so you can do it too.

How To Make A Fishing Trolley

DIY Fishing Trolley

There’s something to be said for not carrying to much gear, for sure. But some people need certain things for specific kinds of fishing…
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DIY Tackle Projects – Make Your Own Tackle
Here’s some tackle tips that you can make a difference to how you fish *today*.

How To Catch Murray Cod
Murray Cod tips? You want them, Robbie Fishing has them. Check out one of Victoria’s Murray Cod greats as he shows you how it’s done.

Fishing Kayak DIY Projects
Fishing Kayak DIY projects are probably the first thing most people do when they first get theirs home. The Kayak Hacks Youtube channel has some of the best out there. Above is a collection of many of those.

DIY Rigs For Aussy Fish
Want to make rigs that really work on Aussy fish? Snapper, Whiting, Squid or Gummies? Of course, you do! So here are some great ones to get you started.

Catch Carp – Save The Environment While Fishing
Do like catching Carp? While a lot of Aussies don’t they do put up quite a fight. Rod snapping sometimes! If you do check out these videos. Carp are destructive pests in Australia. So catching them is *good* for the environment and native fish stocks.