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Fishing St Kilda Pier

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Pier Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

7.6 km from Melbourne

Lng: 144.9659159



St Kilda Pier has seen some pretty major modifications in the last 20 years.

It’s still a major icon on Port Phillip Bay and is rich in history.  Going back to 1853!

The addition of a rock wall and the harbour adjoining it significantly altered the longshore drift.

That’s to say – the currents that deposit sand and influence fish feeding opportunities.  It seems to have been a positive – particularly for flathead.

Rock Wall – Like The Old St Kilda Pier, Only Better

However, fishing the rock wall offers all the advantages of the old pier. Access to the open and relatively deeper waters.

If I was to sum St Kilda Pier up in a single fish species – it’d be flathead. I’ve caught numerous “lizards” off the old pier over the years.

St Kilda Pier Fish Species

While it’s been many years since I’ve fished it, other fisho’s seem to be experiencing the same thing. Flathead!

Of course, there’s plenty of bream and pinky snapper caught by folks too. As well as squid (calamari).

While not as fishing famous as, say, The Warmies, it’s certainly played a major role in recreational fishing throughout the last century and a half.

Bait Choices

Bait wise I always found frozen white-bait (fish) fished whole on a running sinker or a paternoster to work well. However, I’ve also used prawns effectively too.

Soft plastics seem to be working great. That’s judging by reports in the fishing forums and Youtube videos.

Just make sure you use the bait or lure that matches the preferences of the target species you’re aiming for.

Given this can be a heavily fished area, due to it’s proximity to the city, I recommend the use of attractants on your baits.  If you’re not using a proven pre-scented lure like Berkley Gulp then try using some Squidgy S Factor.

If you’re using natural baits S-Factor works extremely well too.

Don’t forget to burley well.  Regular burley like breadcrumbs and tuna oil will bring the fish in closer to where you are.  It’s these things that always make a difference – no matter where you are fishing!

In recent times it’s become common to see fishing kayaks around the rock wall area.  It’s nicely protected and is a great way to get to the spots land-based fishos can’t reach.

What Fish Can You Catch At St Kilda Pier?

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What's The Best Bait & Tackle At St Kilda Pier?

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