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St Kilda Boat Ramp

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Marine Parade, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

8.8 km from Melbourne GPO

Lng: 144.9753727


Toilets , Boat Cleaning Area

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This post is a small part taken from our St Kilda Pier Fishing Getfished Article.

St Kilda Boat Ramp is part of the extensive St Kilda Marina complex.

As far as boat ramps go it can vary in terms of quality. Fundamentally St Kilda Boat Ramp is a good ramp.

However, a lack of ramp maintenance in the past, at times, means it’s not unheard of for algae to make the ramp so slippery that vehicles have on occasion slid right on into the water. Not such an issue for 4WD’s.

For myself, I’ve never witnessed more than the expected algal growth and have found the ramp to be one of the better ones.

Car parking is extensive and ample for large boat trailers.

The marina area and ramp provide access to reasonably deep hulled larger boats. As such it’s very popular during the summer snapper season.

It terms of access to Port Phillip Bay it gives you good access to snapper grounds and reefs to the west, east and south of St Kilda. While the marina offers protected launching and retrieval of your boat.

Thus access to snapper feeding grounds is only a short boat ride, with plenty of catches of flathead, calamari, Australian salmon and other bay species.

In can get very busy. Though this is hardly surprising due to its size, ability to launch larger vessels and proximity to Melbourne.

So, launching during the snapper season means getting there early for most folks. That and a mindset of calm and forbearance for other boaties. “Ramp rage” is a real thing – that’s ugly and spoils a great day out in your boat – and for others.

There’s a large service station next to the marina area. This sells frozen bait, fuel etc. One of the few servo’s I’d recommend buying bait from, given its huge product turnover.

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