Choosing An Ideal Rod & Reel For Flathead

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There’ several things you need to consider here:

  • The conditions you’ll be fishing. Beach, Pier, Boat, Estuary.
  • What other species you might target to get value for money.
  • How long the rod is going to last you and how well it performs.
  • If the reel is going to last and not let you down, over-spool etc.

The right Rod & Reel for flathead is pretty subjective. Just about any working modern fishing rod is going to work.

While I own many brands of rods, my first ever fishing rod was made of Rangoon cane, my favourites are the Shimano. Shimano rods vary in price, from entry-level to professional.

In my opinion, the Shimano range makes choosing a rod & reel For Flathead easy.

They are dearer than the cheap Chinese imports and a little dearer than the ones you’ll find in KMart etc. I prefer them over the Jarvis Walker range, though I do own many of that brand too.

However, even an entry-level Shimano is going to give you better service, a more sensitive “feel” and performance.

The same can be said for Shimano reels. Often their entry-level reels include many of the features of their more expensive brothers and sisters in the range.

So while there are a great many good rods, a great all-around fishing rod, for starting out, is the Shimano Eclipse Combo, in my opinion.

Eclipse Combo Series – Greal All Round Starter Rod & Reel For Flathead Fishing

The Eclipse combo is a well-balanced reel and rod combination. It will serve you well on an estuary bank, a pier and even a boat (choose a shorter rod for boats usually) if you choose a shorter rod length.

For the estuary and pier around the 8 to 9-foot length is perfect. For light beach and pier, 10 foot is ideal.

This Shimano series will get you started with quality gear, that is affordable. It’s suitable for flathead, King George whiting, pinky snapperPinky Snapper Pinky SnapperThe name "Pinky Snapper" refers to the immature Snapper.  Their skin colour is different from adults (its pinker.)

Adulthood is usually considered on fish greater than 40cm - or in the 1.5 to 2kg - range, with darker red colouration.
Pinky Snapper Pre-Tied Rigs
and even larger snapper if cared for.

It will also work well for bream and squid jigging while working work perfectly for inland freshwater species.

As with all my articles we recommend you check Dave’s Tackle Box resource page. It’s a list I keep of the gear I use and feel I can confidently recommend to you. The things I believe will help improve your fishing experience.

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