Watersnake T24 Kayak Electric Motor Review: 2022 – Reliable ?

The Watersnake T24 Kayak Electric Motor is certainly affordable. Well constructed and powerful enough for most kayaks. I have previously reviewed the Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount which pairs with this motor. While I find it to be a good product it is missing a feature that prevents me from rating it a full 5 out of 5 stars. That feature is the lack of throttle control on the tiller to reduce/increase thrust. The switches for speed and reverse settings […]

The Kayak Fishing Phenomena

Kayak fishing has become a major pastime in recent years. The ease of launch, manoeuvrability, stealth and shallow water features have made kayak fishing popular.

Another important consideration is its cheaper than a boat. That’s because kayaks tend to have a lower barrier to entry and lower ongoing costs. Registration for boats, trailers and mechanical maintenance is far less on a kayak.

While there is a massive range of kayaks to choose from there are some notable players out there. Manufacturers like Hobie, Native Watercraft etc make some of the most respected – and admittedly highest priced kayaks on the market.

While companies, in Australia, like Kayaks2Fish fill the budget end of yaks.

Fishing from a Kayak in cooler parts of Australia can be more difficult. For example in Melbourne the seasonal temperatures vary to a great degree. As does the extremely important water temperature.

Cold water can kill. In the southern states water temperatures fall below 14 degrees C from late Autumn through to December. Immersion results in a loss of core body heat. Quickly paralysing the strongest swimmer. So the proper selection of clothing layers are essential.

Arguably putting the paddle away during the colder months makes some sense for most weekend warrior kayak fisho’s.

While the most common form of locomotion is the humble paddle there are a range of yaks being produced that are peddle drive. While an increasing number of people choose electric motors, such as Trolling Motors, to move about.

The modern lithium battery has made electric motors on kayaks much easier due to their higher capacity to weight ratio when compared to Gel and Lead Acid batteries.