Fishing Portarlington Rock Wall

Portarlington Rock Wall forms a safe harbour for boats and adjoins the Portarlington pier. The Rock Wall has added a new dimension to fishing…

Portarlington Rock Wall forms a safe harbour for boats and adjoins the Portarlington pier.

The Rock Wall has added a new dimension to fishing in Portarlington. It’s now possible to move beyond the pier and cast out into much deeper water and offshore reefs.

That shifts the available fish species catches and sizes available.

While once the pier structure was the best fishing I’d have to say my recent experiences suggest the Rockwall offers a wider variety of species and catches.

Portarlington Rock Wall

Fish Species

Those fish species include the flathead, trevally, pinky snapper, squid, Australian Salmon and many more.

The easiest access to the Portarlington Rock Wall is via the pier. Though the southern wall can also be accessed directly by land.

While the pier tended to get crowded fast the Rock Wall is large enough to cater for a larger number of anglers.

Bait & Tackle

I recommend a paternoster rig here. Though a running sinker will certainly work. Definitely use that berley, too!

Bait wise – the usual saltwater baits for Port Phillip Bay including pilchards, prawns, whitebait, pippies, squid and of course chicken.

Soft plastics seem to work well, with paddletails being a popular choice. I’ve seen motor oil colours work well, but also the Nuclear Chicken colours have been effective for me here too.

Whether you’re using bait or lures I strongly recommend berley. If you’ve read several of my articles then I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record. But berley is one of the most important tools for success. I also firmly believe in using attractants on bait and lures!

My choice of rods on the rock wall would be a minimum of 8 to 9-feet with a preference for something at least 10 to 12-feet long. This will give you some casting distance, getting you out into deeper water and the reefs.

I wouldn’t fish with heavier than a 15lb to 20lb mainline, personally. 10lb would be my lower limit. In terms of a leader, anything over 15lb’s should be fine.

Port Arlington Rock Wall Address

Address: Portarlington Pier, Harding Street, Portarlington VIC, Australia
Lat: -38.1131631
Lng: 144.6517971
Proximity: 104 km from Melbourne



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