Fishing Port Melbourne – Easy Access, 10 Mins From City

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Melbourne, Waterfront Pl, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Port Melbourne is the closest Port Phillip Bay fishing to the city.

Many of the local fishing spots are shared with commercial activity.  Being Melbourne’s principal port the navy, ferry service to Tasmania and container ships use the area.

As such some areas are off limits permanently, while others close according to usage.  For example, Station Pier closes when the Spirit of Tasmania is docked.

Other nearby piers, that are always open for fishing, include Kerferd Road Pier and Lagoon Pier.

Like many fishing spots nearby to Melbourne and suburbs the area is fairly heavily fished and there are many days when things are very quiet.

That’s not to say good catches aren’t taken.  When the fish are on these spots can be excellent.

Station Pier Port Melbourne

Lat: -37.8412764, Lng: 144.9334579
Waterfront Pl, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

A firm favourite fishing spot, going back to the nineteenth century, Station Pier Port Melbourne is located on Beach Street.

Fish species vary from Bream to Pinky Snapper and Whiting. When fishing the pier it should be remembered that at times it’s closed to fishing. This is because the pier is used for docking the Melbourne to Tasmania passenger ferry “Spirit of Australia.” 

Other cruise ships and even naval vessels use the pier to dock from time to time.

Look, if you’re living in the inner suburbs around the city, or a Port Melbourne local then this is a great pier, in my opinion.

However, if you’re living further afield, the west, outer north and outer eastern suburbs then there are other piers, not closed for shipping, that will be more worthwhile to visit.

Lagoon Pier

Lat: -37.8449759, Lng:  144.9399484
Lagoon Pier, Port Melbourne VIC, Australia

Lagoon Pier is known to produce fish all year round.  Because it’s so close to the city it can get busy at times.

I’ve tended to catch smaller flathead and pinkies here.  Most I returned to the water, a few were of legal size.  Some fishos report catching bream, mullet, salmon and trevally.

Fish Lagoon Pier light.  Standard spinning rod of 8′ to 9′ in length.

I’ve found the fish tend to start biting here on the tide change.  Like many pier fishing spots on Port Phillip strong wind conditions tend to see an increase in snapper catches.

Webb Dock

Lat: -37.8418175, Lng:  144.9072588
Webb Dock East, Port Melbourne VIC, Australia

Webb dock produces snapper, pinkie snapper, flathead, bream, Australian salmon, mullet and trevally. The snapper moves in during the summer months.

There’s a lot of rocks, so you need to cast out a bit further to avoid snagging your line on them.

A spinning rod with a length of around 8′ to 9′ is ideal.  Some fishos recommend a running sinker.  I personally prefer a paternoster rig here.

Snapper and pinkies are more likely on the rising and high tide.  While the low tide seems to be when flathead’s on.

Note – there’s a by-law on two fishing lines only here.

Kerferd Road Pier

Lat: -37.8496029, Lng:  144.9510196
Kerferd Road Pier, Albert Park VIC, Australia

Kerferd Road Pier produces the usual fishing suspects on Port Phillip Bay. 

Snapper, Flathead, Flounder, Trevelley and Mullet are all caught by anglers.

There’s the odd big snapper, with the vast majority of catches being smaller pinky snapper and flathead.

Fish the rising tide for snapper and pinkies, the low tide for flathead.

Keep in mind, as with all fishing spots, these rules are never hard and fast.  You’ll catch different species of fish at different times, quite at odds with generalised advice.

A lot of fishos choose pilchards, raw chicken breast and squid.  I’ve used whitebait, bluebait, prawns as well as soft plastics successfully at Kerferd Road Pier.


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