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The Plenty River stretches from the Great Dividing Range as a stream, running through the North Eastern Towns & Suburbs of Whittlesea, Plenty, Greensborough until it meets the Yarra River in Heidelberg. The Plenty River is considered Perennial as it often runs dry in sections during some summer seasons. Fishing is varied. Care must be taken due to pollution levels which can be quite extreme at times.

The Plenty River, located in the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne is certainly a fishable river. However, I’d not consider it to be worthy of making a long trip to just go fishing.

Think of the Plenty as a place locals can get some quick nearby fishing action in.

Look. I’ve got to say it. As a local, I can assure you that you’d be wise not to eat what you catch out of this river, though!

A Semi Perennial River. The river runs dry in some sections during the summer months. Though there are enough deeper pools remaining to ensure it is sustainable for fish life.

Plenty River Map

A Little More Fishable Below Whittlesea

The river doesn’t really become fishable at all, in my opinion, until you get below Whittlesea.

However, the stretch through the plenty gorge is extremely difficult it access for much of it, due to the steep, sheer embankments.

It can be accessed near to the Plenty Gorge parklands. However, it can’t be waded.

As it runs through the Mernda and Mill Park area there are accessible sections that are worth trying out.

The nearby Blue Lake, which is on the Eastern side of the river and was formed from an old quarry, is a popular spot for targeting Redfin.

Plenty River Fishing Greensborough

As the river runs into Greensborough it is severely restricted at Partingtons’ Flat. The bridge leading to the football ground is a travesty. The river is narrowed to flow through two pipes.

I have no idea what the relevant authorities were thinking when designing this. Not only does it make the river look like a drain – but the adjacent parkland’s lake pours into it making it smell like a drain. In warm weather, you almost need to hold your breath.

Yeah. Sorry. It really is that bad!

I understand part of the design was to conserve water in order to water parklands. However, I do wonder if this has become environmentalism gone mad. Destroying the environment to save the environment never makes any sense.

Upstream of Partingtons’ Flat its a little better. There are some larger pools, that have little rapids as the water flows over rocks into them. Further upstream towards the freeway bridge etc is similar. Though sections become increasingly difficult to access.

I’d be inclined to skip the Greensborough section for the most part. Instead, focus on the Blue Lake and the river upstream towards Mill Park and South Morang.

Once the river clears the Greensborough area and flows through Yallambie it begins to flow better and almost looks clean (ish.) This is the final stretch before it flows into the Yarra River at Heidelberg.

Plenty River Fish Species

Plenty River
  • Redfin Redfin
  • Brown Trout Brown Trout
  •  Eel Short-finned Eels
  • common galaxias Common & Mountain & Trout Galaxias
  • southern pygmy perch Southern Pygmy Perch
  • Roach Roach
  • European Carp European Carp
  • Goldfish Goldfish
  • flathead gudgeon Flathead Gudgeon
  • Weather Loach Chinese Weatherloaches
  • Eel Short-head Lamprey

So as far as fish goes there’s a lot of pest species in this waterway. If you’re a fan of targeting European Carp or even Tench and Roach then this might suit you right down to the ground. Same goes for those who love eel fishing.

If you’re after species like Redfin, however, try your luck at the Blue Lake for best results.


Address: Plenty River, Greensborough VIC, Australia
Lat: -37.7309379
Lng: 145.1061927
Proximity: 20.2 km from Melbourne GPO

Fishing Yallambie – Video

Location Review & Rating


  • Close to many North Eastern suburbs if you want to just drop in a line.
  • Lovely views and bushland.
  • Can be very tranquil and peaceful


  • Not fishable for much of its length
  • Severely polluted at times in certain sections
  • If you're not into catching Eels or European Carp there's very few other species like Trout or Redfin

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This river is literally within walking distance of my home.  So I find it's treatment by local authorities to be sad, if not disturbing. I rarely fish it.  There are way too many eels.  Which I'm not fond of.  Some Redfin in the Blue Lake.  But the river is mostly full of European Carp, Goldfish, Tench etc.
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