Mordialloc Boat Ramp

The Mordialloc Boat Ramp provides small craft access to Port Phillip Bay (often affectionately known by the acronym PPB).

Ramp Overview

The Mordialloc Boat Ramp provides small craft access to Port Phillip Bay (often affectionately known by the acronym PPB). 

The railway bridge provides clearance only for smaller boats and the depth is to shallow at low tide for larger vessels.

Take care to not damage taller antennas when passing under the bridge!

There is council parking adjacent to the boat ramp, with trailer sized parking spaces for their exclusive use.  The boat ramp is now free to use, as is the parking area for boat trailers.

The ramp and parking can be accessed through Governor Road. There are public toilets and a boat wash-down area provided.

mordialloc boat ramp dock
Boat Ramp View Towards Port Phillip Bay

Mordialloc boat ramp has a nice little docking area to tie up your boat after launching and when preparing to load the boat back onto your trailer.

While I have not personally used the boat ramp I have inspected it. I have also seen a lot of people doing so as I do pier fishing there frequently.

It’s extremely popular.  Though a lot smaller than some other ramps.

The biggest issue relates to parking.  Parking spots are limited and it can be very tight when busy.

My inspection was on a quiet day, on a weekday in July. There were around four trailers parked.  Parking would not have been a problem at all.

Summer – peak boating season – would clearly have been more difficult.

Reports from fishing forums indicate that it is in fact pretty hectic at times during the summer months.

The maximum number of boats that can be technically launched is two.

Though novice boat owners might find this challenging until they gain some experience with backing their trailers.

Because the ramp tends to be quieter during cooler months it makes an ideal place to practice launching if you’re new to it.

You will get to launch in a calmer area, without strong winds and tides. Try navigating up and down the estuary. Then put your boat back on your trailer and repeat several times!

mordialloc boat ramp
Mordialloc Boat Ramp. Looking down the ramp.

Patterson Lakes boat ramp (about ten minutes drive further south) is a lot larger and possibly more suitable to some bigger boats.

Just offshore from the beach, facing south and to the west of the jetty, there are some good seagrass flats that do produce flathead, whiting and squid. Pinkies should also be possible. Further offshore larger snapper is to be found.

Heading downstream towards Port Phillip Bay provides a lovely scenic view of moored boats. Some of them are quite impressive. Adding some interest to the trip both out and back home to the boat ramp.

Mordialloc Boat Ramp Kayak Launching

By far the best access for people launching Kayaks would be Mordialloc boat ramp. Then paddling downstream of the creek and out to the bay.

Just remember not to block the ramp while rigging. Rig back at the car and launch as quickly as you can.

Don’t hog the trailer parking area with your car if you’re not towing a trailer.

This may not be as big an issue in Winter, but in summer it’s guaranteed to cop you some abuse!

Access there is going to be easier than the beach for many people.

Access near the river mouth itself is pretty limited for launching – if not impossible.

mordialloc boat ramp docking
mordialloc boat ramp docking

The sides of the estuary being quite high, relative to the water level, making launching there a non-option.

The beach, on the other hand, is a maybe. I’ve not tried it.

The barriers around the car park, along with the fencing for the bulk of it, make this extremely awkward. 

I’d opt towards using the boat ramp!

Fishing conditions, once out of the slow current and glass smooth estuary, are generally good in calm weather.

Keep in mind the forecasts for weather and swell. During a big blow, it can get very dangerous.

Take note that powerboats and jet skis make heavy use of the estuary.

This can be hazardous without due care. Make sure you are highly visible and keep to the right-hand side as per regulations.


Address: Mordialloc Boat Ramp, Governor Road, Mordialloc VIC, Australia
Lat: -38.0104617
Lng: 145.0930912
Proximity: 26km from Melbourne via Nepean Highway

Location Review & Rating


  • Close to Melbourne
  • Calm Launching Conditions Boat Cleaning Facilities
  • Free Trailer Parking
  • Public Toilets
  • Access Port Phillip Bay
  • A good place to learn to launch your boat during quieter and cooler months


  • Limited Trailer Parking Bays During Peak Season
  • Only two boats can launch at a time
  • Docking area limited to a few boats at a time
  • Small boats only due to railway and road bridge height
  • Awaiting funding for maintenance and improvement works to be undertaken

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Public ToiletsReview StarReview StarReview StarReview StarZero Rating Review Star
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Boat Cleaning FacilitiesReview StarReview StarReview StarReview StarZero Rating Review Star
Fish CleaningZero Rating Review StarZero Rating Review StarZero Rating Review StarZero Rating Review StarZero Rating Review Star


Overall Mordialloc boat ramp is a good ramp for small craft.  Larger, taller vessels are not going to manage to pass under the bridges.

When you are launching keep in mind the ramp limit is two vessels.  Please do not waste unnecessary time getting ready on the ramp.  Prepare your boat on the trailer (or at home before you arrive) to keep your launch time minimal and avoid annoying other boat owners.

The boat ramp is slated for improvements at the time of writing.  Though I'm not aware of what those may be.

Trailer parking is certainly well designed, though limited in the number of spaces.  So tends to get pretty full during peak season.  Jetski launching is permitted.  This tends to increase competition for parking in the summer months.

Launching Kayaks is possible from one of the beaches but for many, the ramp will be easier.  Just keep in mind you should not hog the trailer parking area unless you are towing a trailer!

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