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Mordialloc Beach

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212 Bay Trail, Mordialloc VIC 3195, Australia

26km from Melbourne via Nepean Highway

Lng: 145.0835573


Toilets , BBQ Area , Picnic Area

Getfished Tip, Mordialloc Beach

This post is a small part taken from our Fishing Mordialloc Pier Getfished Article.

During the summer months, Mordialloc beach gets pretty crowded. From swimmers, sunbakers to the local beach volleyball clubs.

Mordialloc Beach runs adjacent (to the west) of Mordialloc Pier.

That means there’s not a lot of room for fishing there during the day.  Especially during sunny weather. 

However, in the cooler months, or on days where people are less likely to use the beach, it can be a great place to fish.

Catches can include Australian Salmon, whiting, pinky snapperPinky Snapper Pinky SnapperThe name "Pinky Snapper" refers to the immature Snapper.  Their skin colour is different from adults (its pinker.)

Adulthood is usually considered on fish greater than 40cm - or in the 1.5 to 2kg - range, with a darker red colouration.
flathead and bream.

Unless you’re going to wade out you are going to need a beach rod at least 9 to 10 feet. Use a sinker only heavy enough to get you the distance you need.

This will help you to cast a little further out from the shallows.

Baits include soft plasticsSoft Plastic Lure Soft Plastic Lures, pippisPippis Pippis, whitebait, pilchards, squid and chicken.

The main beach is located to the right of the pier.

It’s technically possible to launch a kayak from the beach. This can be a challenge when it’s busy, or when the carpark is full.

There is however another beach on the other side of the Mordialloc Creek. This beach extends from the creek area to the adjoining suburb of Aspendale. 

While I have not fished it I have observed that it is often less used by swimmers at the creek end. Though less accessible.  It would certainly warrant further investigation for fishing opportunities.

Australian salmon off the beach @ Mordialloc

What Fish Can You Catch At Mordialloc? ?

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What's The Best Bait & Tackle At Mordialloc?

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