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Lagoon Pier

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Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

5.9 km from Melbourne's GPO

Lng: 144.9399484



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This post is a small part taken from our Fishing Port Melbourne – Easy Access, 10 Mins From City Getfished Article.

Lagoon Pier is known to produce fish all year round.  Because it’s so close to the city it can get busy at times.

I’ve tended to catch smaller flathead and pinkiesPinky Snapper Pinky SnapperThe name "Pinky Snapper" refers to the immature Snapper.  Their skin colour is different from adults (its pinker.)

Adulthood is usually considered on fish greater than 40cm - or in the 1.5 to 2kg - range, with a darker red colouration.
here.  Most I returned to the water, a few were of legal size.  Some fishos report catching bream, mullet, salmon and trevally.

The pier can be a good spot for calamari at times.

Fish Lagoon Pier light.  Standard spinning rod of 8′ to 9′ in length.

I’ve found the fish tend to start biting here on the tide change.  Like many pier fishing spots on Port Phillip strong wind conditions tend to see an increase in snapper catches.

There’s a lot of rocks, so you need to cast out a bit further to avoid snagging your line on them.

For this reason, I tend to use a paternoster rigPaternoster Rig Paternoster Rig at Lagoon pier – along with a break-off sinker that I fasten with a cut-down hairclip.

I also tend to fish with lighter tackle, no more than a 10lb mainline, up to 15 to 20lb leader.

A whiting style paternoster rig makes a good all-round rig on these kinds of piers in my opinion.

A spinning rod with a length of around 8′ to 9′ is ideal.  Some fishos recommend a running sinkerRunning Sinker Running Sinker.  I personally prefer a paternoster rig here.

Soft plasticsSoft Plastic Lure Soft Plastic Lures work well as lures. You can try a variety of retrieval techniques, as well as “bait and wait” fishing with sandworm or prawn soft-plastics set up on a standard paternoster rig.

As with all fishing, berleyBerley Berley is your friend at Lagoon Pier. Breadcrumbs, tuna oil, chicken, garlic, aniseed all make good ingredients for your berley.

Good baits include pilchards, whitebait, prawns, sandworm, pippies and chicken.

Snapper and pinkies are more likely on the rising and high tide.  While the low tide and running out seems to be when flathead’s on.

Note – the restriction on two fishing lines only here.

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