Whiting Fishing Reports. Sweet tasting fillets. Pretty easy to catch.

Sometimes called “Kidney Slappers” by older fisho’s (hold a big one to your side while you take the hook and you’ll soon know why).

Whiting start really getting on the bite as the weather starts to warm up.

Usually October through to March in Victoria.

Scientific Name: Sillaginodes punctatus

Whiting fishing reports. Where are the “kidney slappers” biting?

Every year the Whiting move into Port Phillip and Western Port Bays when the water starts to warm.

Many fish wintering off far western Victoria and South Australia. A great article from this from Vic Fisheries here.

Whiting a a perfect table fish. They are highly prized as such.

Plus they make fantastic bait for many Victorian saltwater species. Including snapper and gummy sharks. Which a lot of folks use a fillet of whiting for.

Victorian Whiting Fishing Season: Warmer months. Best fishing starts in October through to March. Best at dawn and dusk. More prolific around seagrasses.

Total Whiting Fishing Catches Reported From Victoria

Whiting can be caught right around the Victorian coastline.

However, Port Phillip and Western Port Bays account for the bulk of fishing reports received.

Whiting Fishing Catches
October Whiting Fishing Catches*: 8.11%
Reported Bait/Lures:  
*Catches: Percentage of all fish species Reported to Getfished.

Recent Whiting Fishing Hotspots

Port Phillip Bay Hotspots: Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff,

Western Port Bay Hotspots: Western Port Bay, Quail Bank, Lysaghts,

Whiting Fishing Videos

Recommended Whiting Fishing Tackle

Some of the better Whiting rigs, I’ve found, a based on the paternoster pattern. That’s to say:

  • A sinker at the end of a leader.
  • Two hooks tied off of the leader.
  • Some skirting and lumo beads.


One of the things I learned in my three-decade career as a computer programmer. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you can help it.

If something works – use it!

I apply this principle to fishing rigs. If a pre-tied rig saves me time – allowing me to start fishing faster. I go for it.

So that’s what I do with Whiting rigs. You can go budget with the basic Jarvis Walker Whiting Rigs or get a more professional – and effective – rig with the likes of
Black Magic Whiting Rig.

Jarvis Walker Whiting Rig

Regardless I always add lumo beads and some skirting/flashing.


Because it works.

So if I’m using a cheaper rig I’ll add my own beads and skirt.