Trout Fishing Reports

Trout Fishing Reports

Trout fishing reports in Victoria taper off between June and September each year due to seasonal closures. There are some exceptions, such as stocked lakes, during this period. This gives the species time to spawn naturally.

While trout are an imported species they do not reproduce in the same numbers as other species (like Redfin and Carp) and thus are actively bred and released by the state government fisheries department for the purposes of recreational fishing.

Species found in Victoria include:

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Brown trout (Salmo trutta) – are sometimes called “Wild Trout” when they become a sustainable, breeding population. Brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) only in Lake Purrumbete. Cheetah Trout (Sterile Hybrid between a female rainbow trout and a male brook trout. ) Tiger Trout (Sterile Hybrid between a male brook trout and a female brown trout.)

NB: The Trout cod (Maccullochella macquariensis) is not a true trout and is an Australian native species related to the Murray Cod.

Trout Fishing Reports Breakdown

Trout Fishing Reports – What We Collect

We record the number of catches of each species when we prepare our Trout fishing reports. All Getfished Fishing Reports are aggregated from multiple resources. Including dedicated submitted fishing reports, Youtube videos, and more.

Trout Month To Date Reports

Wurdi Buloc4
Wurdi Buloc, Vic4
Blue Rock Dam,Vic4
Lake Eildon,Vic3
Tanjil River,Vic1
Cumberland River, Vic1
Lake Purrumbete, Vic2
Shepparton Lake,Vic2
Dartmouth Dam,Vic1
Stoney Creek,Vic1
Tallangatta Lake Hume,NSW1
Casey Fields,Vic1
Crater Lakes4
Shepparton Lake7
Lake Eildon10
Stoney Creek1
Warnambool Freshwater1
Lake Purrumbete5
Lake Hume2
Bonnie Doon Lake Eildon4
Lake Bullen Merri2
Hopkins River1
Moorabool Reservoir2
Karkarook Park16
Emerald Lake4
Naven Park2
Yarrambat Park Lake4
Devilbend Reservoir2
Blue Rock Dam1
Roxburgh Park Lakes1
Smythes Creek1
Cumberland River1
Kennet River1
St Georges River1
Aire River1
Victorian High Country1
Lake Eildon Poundage5
Omeo High Country2
Spavin Lake1
Lilydale Lake1
Albert Park Lake1
Pakenham Lake2
Goulburn River4
Latrobe River1
Thompson River1
Caulfield Lake2
Bostock Reservoir1
Tullaroop Reservoir1
Sevens Creek Euroa1
Lake Glenmaggie1

Trout Lure Reports Year To Date

Megabass X70s1
Strike Pro Bobbin Spoon1
Norries Wasabi Spoon1
Small Hardbodies3
Tassie Devils17
Strike Tiger Nymphs1
Large Hard Bodies1
Soft Plastic Minnow3
Metal Spoon3
Soft Plastics7
Jerk Baits7
Small Divers1
Fly – Unspecified Pattern4
Pink Tassie Devils1
Gold Spoons1
Micro Spoons1
Bent Minnows2
Small Soft Blue Hackle Fly1

Trout Bait Reports Year To Date

Night Crawlers2
Trout Dough16

Trout Tips Trout Fishing Reports

Please take a look at the Helping Our Wild Trout In Hot Water infographic (right or directly below) from VR Fish.

This has been prepared to help us help Fisheries with caring for trout in Australia’s hot environment. Keep in mind that Trout come from cold streams in the Northern Hemisphere.

While trout are caught on many of the same bait and lures as other species (such as Redfin) some aspects of trout fishing are unique to the species.

For example – fly fishing. Using small tied flys to imitate tiny insects is much more prevalent when targeting trout. Though larger flys are used to target Australian species in warmer regions (Queensland, Northern Territory etc.)

Victorian Trout Fishing Reports for 2022 indicate the following fishing locations have been productive:

Wurdi Buloc, Wurdi Buloc, Vic, Blue Rock Dam,Vic, Lake Eildon,Vic, Rubicon,Vic, Tanjil River,Vic, Cumberland River, Vic, Lake Purrumbete, Vic, Shepparton Lake,Vic, Dartmouth Dam,Vic, Stoney Creek,Vic, Tallangatta Lake Hume,NSW, Casey Fields,Vic, Crater Lakes, Shepparton Lake, Lake Eildon, Stoney Creek, Warnambool Freshwater, Mooroopna, Lake Purrumbete, Lake Hume, Bonnie Doon Lake Eildon, Lake Bullen Merri, Hopkins River, Moorabool Reservoir, Karkarook Park, Emerald Lake, Naven Park, Yarrambat Park Lake, Devilbend Reservoir, Pakenham, Blue Rock Dam, Roxburgh Park Lakes, Smythes Creek, Cumberland River, Kennet River, St Georges River, Aire River, Victorian High Country, Lake Eildon Poundage, Omeo High Country, Spavin Lake, Lilydale Lake, Albert Park Lake, Pakenham Lake, Goulburn River, Latrobe River, Thompson River, Caulfield Lake, Bostock Reservoir, Tullaroop Reservoir, Sevens Creek Euroa, Lake Glenmaggie, Dargo.

Trout Fishing Reports – Videos

The Getfished Trout Fishing Report videos are compiled from the dedicated efforts of a variety of Victorian trout fishos. Please support them by clicking like and subscribing to their videos. To encourage them to continue in their awesome efforts and great content!

Suggested Trout Tackle Options

Many of the baits and lures used in the Northern Hemisphere, where trout come from, are used in Australia.

These include Gulp Trout Baits on hooks, worms, maggots, mudeyes etc. The same for lures with tied trout flys, spinners, blades and of course soft plastics all being very effective.

While you can wade with a traditional trout fly rod it’s also possible to use flys on standard spinning gear using very light lines and clear bubble floats.

Trout fishing reports indicate that in 2022 commonly used trout bait includes: Earthworms, Night Crawlers, Trout Dough, Maggots, Mudeyes.

While commonly used lures and artificials include: Megabass X70s, Strike Pro Bobbin Spoon, Norries Wasabi Spoon, Small Hardbodies, Tassie Devils, Strike Tiger Nymphs, Large Hard Bodies, Soft Plastic Minnow, Metal Spoon, Soft Plastics , Jerk Baits, Powerbait, Spinners, Small Divers, Fly - Unspecified Pattern.

With trout, whether bait or lure fishing, keep your lines as light as possible. 2 and 6lb. You’ll find 2lb very easy to snag and break. I use it as a leader on lakes and impoundments when using a spinning rod, a bubble float and flys. Also with small soft plastics as a leader – and when fishing mudeyes under a float.

I’ve found captive-bred and released trout to be much less shy. So you can be a little heavier on your leader with mudeyes, Gulp trout bait etc. 4 to 6lb is generally fine.