Squid or Calamari? Who cares! I love ’em.  You love ’em. We’re agreed.

Now, where are they?

In Melbourne and regional Victoria Squid can be found in most bays and many inlets.

Plus  – you can fish for them for most of the year.  Especially if water conditions are reasonably clear. 

Dusk and Dawn being perfect times for squid fishing.

Scientific Name: Sepioteuthis australis

I know I love hearing about the latest Squid Fishing Reports. I reckon if you’re on this page its a s you do too.

Squid are not only abundant they are fantastic to eat.

Reasonably easy to catch – with some experimentation.

Plus they make fantastic bait for many Victorian saltwater species. Including snapper and gummy sharks.

Victorian Squid Fishing Season: All Year Round. Best at dawn and dusk. More prolific when waters are clear and not silted up by freshwater runoff from rivers and creeks.

Total Squid Fishing Catches Reported From Victoria

While Squid can be found right the way along the Victorian coastline I have found the major bays and inlets to be the most productive. Locally to Melbourne, these are Port Phillip and Westernport Bay. 

Squid Fishing Catches
October Squid Fishing Catches*: 8.11%
Reported Bait/Lures:  Red Foil Jigs
*Catches: Percentage of all species Reported to Getfished.

Recent Squid Fishing Hotspots

Port Phillip Bay Hotspots: Bellarine Peninsula, Mt Martha,

Western Port Bay Hotspots: Western Port Bay, Ventnor Beach, Quail Bank, Flinders Pier, Coronet Bay,

Estuary Hotspots:Misc Saltwater Hotspots: Barwon Heads,

Squid Fishing Videos

Recommended Squid Fishing Tackle

When it comes to squid jigs you really do get what you pay for.

While some cheapies catch squid the problem is durability. They have a habit of falling apart as you use them.

There’s some great brands. They’rea little dearer. But they last and I’ve found them to be suprerior at catching squid.

Recently I’ve been using Daiwa Emeraldas Nude Squid Jigs.

While I’ve had success with the more traditional lumo colours.

I’ve found darkest colour combinations are often more effective inside Port Phillip Bay.