Silver Trevally Fishing Reports from Victoria have tended to be more common from Westernport Bay and the South Eastern edge of Port Phillip Bay. With ocean beaches and estuaries being pretty equal with Westernport.

Often caught when targeting snapper and bream. It’s not unusual for fishers to catch them on bait or lures.

This species is prone to attack by the Tongue Eating Louse aka the “Doctor” (Cymothoa exigua.) Apart from the creep factor these parasites due not affect the quality of the flesh of the fish.

Scientific Name: Pseudocaranx spp.

Silver Trevally Fishing Reports Breakdown

August 2022 Silver Trevally Fishing Reports – What We Collect

We record the number of catches of each location when we prepare our Silver Trevally fishing reports. All Getfished Fishing Reports are aggregated from multiple resources. Including dedicated submitted fishing reports, Youtube videos, and more.

August 2022 Silver Trevally Month To Date Reports

Locations Qty
Corio Bay,Vic1
Cunningham Pier,Vic1
Barwon River Ocean Grove,Vic1
Barwon River Ocean Grove3
Geelong Waterfront1
Corio Bay1

August 2022 Silver Trevally Bait Reports Year To Date


August 2022 Silver Trevally Lure Reports Year To Date

Berkley 3 inch Power Bait Minnows1
Soft Plastic Minnow1
Soft Plastics 4
Turtkeback Worms1
Zman Grubz1

Silver Trevally is an excellent table fish that’s probably very underrated, in my opinion, in Victoria.

It is not uncommon to catch them using bait or lures, often as bycatch when targeting other species.

According to the Victorian Fisheries dept, the minimum size in 2022 is 20cm with a bag limit of 20.

Silver Trevally Fishing Reports so far this year have come from:

Corio Bay,Vic, Cunningham Pier,Vic, Barwon River Ocean Grove,Vic, Barwon River Ocean Grove, Geelong Waterfront, Queenscliff, Corio Bay.

Silver Trevally Fishing Reports – Videos

The Getfished Silver Trevally Fishing Report videos are compiled from the dedicated efforts of a variety of Victorian Silver Trevally fishers. Please support them by clicking like and subscribing to their videos. To encourage them to continue in their awesome efforts and great content!

Suggested Silver Trevally Tackle Options

According to current silver trevally fishing reports in 2022, compiled by Getfished, the most common lures being employed are:

Berkley 3 inch Power Bait Minnows, Soft Plastic Minnow, Soft Plastics , Turtkeback Worms, Zman Grubz.

Whereas silver trevally fishing reports for bait in 2022 are currently: Pipis.

Rigs are pretty much similar to those you’d choose for others species like pinky snapper, bream and flathead. Either a paternoster or a running sinker works very well.

Like always a berley trail is very important. When silver trevally is in the are the berley trail is the most effective way to bring them in towards your bait.