Redfin Fishing Reports

Redfin Fishing Reports

Redfin fishing reports can be a bit quieter during the coldest winterdays, however, reports do occur all year round in Victoria.

Redfin is an imported species and is considered to be a pest species due to its predatory nature against vulnerable native species.

They are excellent table fish and fight very well on light tackle.

Redfin Fishing Reports Breakdown

Redfin Fishing Reports – What We Collect

We record the number of catches of each species when we prepare our Redfin fishing reports. All Getfished Fishing Reports are aggregated from multiple resources. Including dedicated submitted fishing reports, Youtube videos, and more.

Redfin Month To Date Reports

Blue Rock Dam2
Waranga Basin8
Wurdi Buloc, Vic3
Blue Rock Dam,Vic2
Yarrambat Park Lake, Vic1
Lake Purrumbete, Vic3
Lake Eildon,Vic2
Waranga Basin, Vic3
Shepparton Lake,Vic1
Stoney Creek,Vic1
Lake Eildon5
Lake Hume9
Lake Purrumbete6
Devilbend Reservoir2
Wurdi Buloc3
Stoney Creek1
Lake Nagambie1
Shepparton Lake5
Craigmeur Lake 2
Lake Eppalock4
Bonnie Doon Lake Eildon2
Irrigation Channels1
Tullaroop Reservoir1
Berwick Springs1
Lake Glenmaggie1
lake h1

Redfin Lure Reports Year To Date

Norries Wasabi Spoon3
Tassie Devils3
Asakura S-Hornet Crankbait1
Large Hard Bodies1
Metal Spoon2
TN50 Jackal1
Jerk Baits2
Soft Plastics9
Zx40 blade2
Small Soft Plastics1
Black Gulps2
Gold Spoons1
Bent Minnows1
Small Hardbodies1
Paceys Perch1
Pegron Tiger1

Redfin Bait Reports Year To Date

Scrub Worms4
Night Crawlers2

Most Victorian lakes and rivers contain redfin species. So our Redfin fishing reports come from all over the state.

Redfin Fishing Reports

Top locations, according to Redfin Fishing Reports we have compiled for 2022 have included:

Blue Rock Dam, Waranga Basin, Wurdi Buloc, Vic, Blue Rock Dam,Vic, Yarrambat Park Lake, Vic, Lake Purrumbete, Vic, Lake Eildon,Vic, Waranga Basin, Vic, Shepparton Lake,Vic, Stoney Creek,Vic, Lake Eildon, Lake Hume, Lake Purrumbete, Devilbend Reservoir, Wurdi Buloc, Stoney Creek, Lake Nagambie, Shepparton Lake, Mooroopna, Shepparton, Craigmeur Lake , Lake Eppalock, Bonnie Doon Lake Eildon, Irrigation Channels, Tullaroop Reservoir, Berwick Springs, Lake Glenmaggie, Lake Hume.

Redfin Fishing Reports – Videos

The Getfished Redfin Fishing Report videos are compiled from the dedicated efforts of a variety of Victorian redfin fishos. Please support them by clicking like and subscribing to their videos. To encourage them to continue in their awesome efforts and great content!

Suggested Redfin Tackle Options

May of the options used for targeting trout are excellent for redfin too. These include bait and lures on spinning gear, as well as soft plastics.

Something to note is that the redfin is a terrible cannibal. They love munching on their smaller redfin brethren and as such any lure with a touch of red in it can be a deadly selection for big and small redfin alike. They seem to be hardwired to attack red.

In 2022 redfin fishing reports indicate the following lures have been effective: Norries Wasabi Spoon, Tassie Devils, Asakura S-Hornet Crankbait, Large Hard Bodies, Metal Spoon, TN50 Jackal, Jerk Baits, Soft Plastics , Zx40 blade, Blades, Codger, Small Soft Plastics, Black Gulps, Gold Spoons, Spinners, Powerbait, Bent Minnows, Small Hardbodies, Rapala, Paceys Perch, Pegron Tiger.

Back when I started targeting Redfin in the 1970s and 80s I used spinners exclusively. However, the invention of soft plastics has broadened the options. One thing I do to soft plastics is painted the jig head red – I use nail polish to get this job done. It dries odourless, stays on and is nice and shiny. Kudos to my wife and daughters for the suggestion!

A nice variable retrieve has been effective for me. That’s to say. Cast and let the lure drop. Gentle wind, a twitch, a quicker wind and so on. Letting the bait drop, rise and move at different speeds has produced the best results. With the Redfin often grabbing the lure on the drop.

I use a bit of SFactor scent on the lure. This masks anything I may have on my fingers (like a diesel from filling up the SUV) etc. Plus I’ve found fish tend to hang on harder when there’s some scent.

In terms of bait in 2022, the following baits have been recorded based on Redfin Fishing Reports: Earthworms, Scrub Worms, Yabbies, Night Crawlers.

I’ve found I’ve tended to end up catching more European Carp than Redfin when using bait. Hence my preference for using lures. However… Bait is still very effective and certainly worth soaking some for a nice leisurely fish.

I’ve found a running sinker works quite well, minimising snags a bit, as compared to a paternoster rig. Try to keep the weight of the sinker down. A small ball sinker chosen for the speed of the current is ideal. I wouldn’t use anything more than a 6lb line as the leader.

According to the Victorian Fisheries Dept, there are no bag or size limits on redfin in Victoria. However, you are not encouraged to catch and release redfin due to their impact on native species. So make sure you take them home with you (humanely dispatched first.)