Rainbow Trout Fishing Reports

Rainbow Trout Fishing Reports are provided by collating and crunching the numbers from a range of sources.

Trout are not native to Australia.  So they are introduced into the waterways through careful management.

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow Trout Fishing Reports Rainbow Trout Fishing Report

Rainbow Trout Fishing Reports from around regional Victoria and the Melbourne Metro area.

Trout species are not native to Australia. They are introduced from the Northern Hemisphere. The so called “Trout Cod” is not related.

Trout are bred in ponds and released each year into the streams. In Victoria the Trout Season closes in order to allow the fish to spawn naturally.

The reason why an imported fish is tolerated is that their numbers tend to remain limited. Their preference for fast-flowing, cool steams limits the number of places they can inhabit successfully. Unlike species like Redfin or European Carp.

Trout is a top table fish and are beloved for their fighting skills on the line. They can also be extremely tricky to catch.Victorian Rainbow Trout Season: Trout Season: closed between June and September. The actual dates vary and you can check on the Fisheries website by clicking here.

Total Rainbow Trout Catches Reported

Melbourne & Victoria

Rainbow Trout fishing reports come from regional Victoria & and some Melbourne localities.

Catch reports are based on reports we receive from readers, businesses and organisations that have reported catches.

Rainbow Trout Catch Statistics
Rainbow Trout Hotspots:
17.74% of Freshwater Catches
Since Oct 23rd 2020

Rainbow Trout Fishing Report Videos

Recommended Rainbow Trout Rigs

When I started fishing for trout there were pretty much only a handful of ways to go about it.

  • Bait – like worms and mudeyes.
  • Spinner and Spoon Lures
  • Fly Fishing

With the advent of soft plastic lure – and even artificial dough balls things have really changed!

So, what do I choose?

It depends.

Sometimes I’ll fish with two rods. Let either some bait or a dough ball style lure “soak” while flicking a soft plastic or even a spinner.