Australia’s Favourite Freshwater Fish. The Murray Cod.

Murray Cod Season: Closed – 1 September to 30 November inclusive. Lake Eildon and the waters south of the Great Dividing Range are open year-round, except the Yarra River.

Getfished records Murray Cod fishing reports whenever possible. Including how and where they are biting.

Scientific Name: Maccullochella peelii

Murray Cod Fishing Reports from around regional Victoria and the Melbourne Metro area..

The most sought after freshwater fish species, by recreational anglers, in Victoria.

For good reason!  Larger specimens are fantastic fighting fish. 

This species is again on the rise. Thanks to the efforts of the Department of Fisheries hatcheries and restocking programs. As well as the efforts of Recreational anglers in catch and release and limited bagging by adhering to size and catch limits.Victorian Murray Cod Season: Murray Cod Season: Closed – 1 September to 30 November inclusive. Lake Eildon and the waters south of the Great Dividing Range are open year-round, except the Yarra River.

Total Murray Cod Catches Reported From Victoria

Murray Cod fishing reports largely come from regional Victoria & NSW. 

Places near to the Murray River.  The Ovens and Goulburn Rivers. 

Lake Eildon and Lake Nagambie.

While Murray Cod can be found in waters like the Yarra River (upstream from Eltham) these catches are not as common.

Murray Cod Catches
October Murray Cod Catches*: 4.05%
Reported Bait/Lures:  Jackall TN60’s, RMG Poltergeists, Surface lures
*Catches: Percentage of all fish species Reported to Getfished.

Murray Cod Fishing Report Videos

Recommended Murray Cod Rigs

When I first started Murray Cod fishing I pretty much only used bait. Fast forward several decades. Now days I pretty much use lures.

The famous Stump Jumper range being my favourite. Colour #10’s Green and Red combo seeming to work well.

Find out more by clicking here.

However, Murray Cod also take soft plastics. Recently there’s a whole range of Cod soft plastic lures. Incredible stuff like Budgie replicas. Snake and Lizard replicas. All appeared in the last few years. All seem to take good-sized Murray Cod.

Of course, while I said I mostly fish for cod using lures. The fact is there are times I like to spend a warm night on the banks for the Murray River or Goulburn River and sip a beer. That’s when I still engage in some Murray Cod bait fishing.

If you’re bait fishing Scrubworms, Bardi Grubs and Yabbies are great baits. I recommend hook sizes ranging from 3/0 to 10/0. In rivers use as much weight for a sinker as you need to keep the bait down. On impoundments and lakes fish as light as you can.