Mullet Fishing Reports

Silver Trevally Fishing Reports

Mullet fishing reports are generally more of a by-catch than a direct result of fishers targeting the species. Such as bream, pinky snapper and flathead. Especially around piers and in estuaries.

However, Mullet is not too bad grilled or fried in breadcrumbs. They are also excellent beginners fish on light tackle. Especially great for introducing kids to fishing.

Scientific Name: Mugilidae sp.

Mullet Fishing Reports Breakdown

Mullet Fishing Reports – What We Collect

We record the number of catches of each species when we prepare our Mullet fishing reports. All Getfished Fishing Reports are aggregated from multiple resources. Including dedicated submitted fishing reports, Youtube videos, and more.

Mullet Month To Date Reports

Mount Martha,Vic1Mount Martha,Vic,
Hollands Landing2Hollands Landing
Footscray Maribyrnong River1Footscray Maribyrnong River
Mitchell River Grassy Banks1Mitchell River Grassy Banks
Nicholson River1Nicholson River

Mullet Bait Reports Year To Date

Sand Worm1
Sand Worms1

Silver Trevally Fishing Reports

According to the Victorian Fisheries Dept Mullet can be taken home at any size with a bag limit of 40 of any mullet species.

Because of their greater numbers, compared to other species of Mullet are considered to be a sustainable resource. So it’s a pity more fishers didn’t take a crack at mullet fishing – at least with as much gusto as they do for species like Bream and snapper!

I personally fish for mullet using chicken (and a special formula I marinate it in) along with a berley cage.

Mullet Fishing Reports Videos

The Getfished Mullet Fishing Report videos are compiled from the dedicated efforts of a variety of Victorian Mullet fishers. Please support them by clicking like and subscribing to their videos. To encourage them to continue in their awesome efforts and great content!

Suggested Mullet Tackle Options

Light lines are an advantage when targeting Mullet. As they are smaller-mouthed than many other species a smaller hook, with smaller bait, kind of follows.

A paternoster or a running sinker is fine. With the minimum weight sinker needed to just get the bait down without drift. If you can fish with no sinker at all. But currents will dictate if that is practical or not.