June 2022 Species Caught Reports For Victoria

The June 2022 Fishing Report is the first aggregate report I’ve been able to complete since 2020.

This is due to an argument my leg had with the boat trailer. My leg lost the argument – however I did manage to keep both it and the boat trailer. But no kidding – it was close!

The first month of Winter has seen the water temperature in Port Phillip Bay drop down to 11.74 degrees C.

That’s a drop of around 2 degrees C since the beginning of June.

So, that means fishing has slowed for many species.

Snapper catches certainly down. but not out.

However Calamari, Garfish and Tuna catch reports are up.

Surprisingly a lot of Murray Cod are being coaxed out in the dams and lakes using lures.

The Trout season closed on the 14th of June and won’t reopen now until Friday September 2nd 2022. This applies to rivers and streams that are not on the exception list available at the VFA website.

Stocked lakes and dams are generally excepted, too. So most of the June 2022 fishing reports continued to come from those locations. The VFA also stocked many of these dams and lakes during June in time for the school holidays.

June Top 10 Fishing Report Species

Fish SpeciesReported Catches
Murray Cod 24
Tuna 23
Rainbow Trout 19
Redfin 16
Australian Salmon 13
Freshwater Crayfish 9
Garfish 9
Gummy Shark 8
Yellow Belly 8
Flathead 6

June 2022 Fishing Report: Freshwater Vs Saltwater Catches

Most reported catches for June were for saltwater species at 51.92%, with freshwater only lagging a few percent behind at 48.08% of the June 2022 fishing reports.

June Freshwater CatchesJune Saltwater Catches
48.08% 51.92%

Snapper Reports

As would be expected juvenile Snapper, or Pinkies, made up the bulk of catches for the June 2022 Fishing Report. That’s because the bulk of the mature population moves out of the shallow bays and inlets for Winter into deeper waters.

The hot spots for adult snapper have been Offshore at Barwon Heads and at Eagle Rock out in Western Port Bay.

While Pinky Snapper top locations have been Corio Bay by boat and kayak. Around Geelong at Cunningham Pier and the Waterfront. By boat around the Belarine Peninsula. While offshore Pinkies have been reported caught from Barwon Heads.

Squid and Pilchards have seen the bulk of catches for both Pinkies and Adult snapper.

Calamari Reports

While there’s been some reports for Calamari – aka Squid – the wet heavy rains during June have tended to cloud up the water in many locations. So reports overall have been lower than might have been expected.

It will be interesting to see if July brings finer weather.

Misc Saltwater June 2022 Fishing Reports

Gummy shark reports have been way down on other years, it seems. At least from the sources I’m following.

Flathead of course is lower than warmer months.

Whiting have been scarce with a low number of reports coming in. Mostly in the Belarine Peninsula region. Pippies have been working well for those lucky enough to hook specimens.

Tuna catches have been excellent. With most reports coming in from Charter Companies out of Warnambool.

Australian Salmon continue to bust up – both inshore and offshore. Hot spots include Corio Bay, areas off Mornington Peninsula including Blairgowrie, Mt Martha and Frankston.

Murray Cod

Murray Cod have been the stand out, knock down reported catch in June 2022 Fishing Reports. Exceeding all other species.

A lot of reports coming from the likes of Lake Eildon. But also downstream of Nagambie towards Shepparton proving to be very productive.

Chasing Murray Cod in the Winter months seems to have become the thing to do in recent years. Which is fantastic to see. With most fishos consistently practicing catch and release on this might native species.

While there’s reports of bait like scrub worms, cheese and even chicken in the rivers the overall winner has been lures.

Old Mate lures accounting for some impressive Winter Murray Cod. Along with jerk baits and top water spinners.

Misc Freshwater Species June 2022 Fishing Report

Trout reports continue to roll in. From the earlier part of the month these included many rivers and streams. After season closure reports switched to lakes and dams all over Victoria.

Spinners and soft plastics taking the bulk of fish.

Similarly Redfin reports have been good with most being taken of spinners and soft plastics.

June 2022 Fishing Report Top 10’s

The Top 10 Bait Reported for June 2022 are as follows:

Squid 21.43%
Earthworms 17.86%
Chicken 10.71%
Pilchards 10.71%
Scrub Worms 10.71%
Pipis 7.14%
Chicken Liver 7.14%
Maggots 7.14%
Wrasse 39.29%
Grass Whiting 3.57%

Top 5 Lures Reported For June 2022

Lure VarietyPercentage
Soft Plastic Minnow 33.33%
Tassie Devils 23.33%
Spinners 16.67%
Soft Plastics 16.67%
Metal Spoon 10.00%

Final Observations

2022 has been an extremely wet year Australia wide. While Victoria has not experienced the flooding seen in other states there’s been a lot more rain than we usually see. This has been the case for most of the year. June’s rainfall has been above average.

What this means is fishing conditions have been impacted. Especially where clear water is optimal for species like squid. Most likely the reason for fewer reports.

A lot more people are taking a crack at Murray Cod during the Winter months. This is interesting to see. Along with the catch and release protocols most anglers employ.

If July produces less rainfall and thus clearer water in Port Phillip Bay we should see more land based Calamari. As well as Garfish and mullet opportunities. With bream action improving moving into August.

I’m seeing far fewer people reporting gummy sharks this Winter so far, even in Westernport Bay. It’s not clear if this is due to weather, fewer anglers getting out there (or reporting catches) or some other factor.


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