Carp Fishing Reports

Carp Fishing Reports

Carp Fishing Reports tend to be lower than actual carp caught in my experience. This is because for many fishers carp are an undesirable by-catch when targeting Murray Cod, Trout and Redfin.

However many people do target carp exclusively. Thus giving them a great deal of satisfaction – and they’re doing the environment a favour in reducing this imported vermin.

All carp caught must not be released by law in Victoria. If you can’t stand eating them they make excellent fertiliser for the veggie garden!!

Carp Fishing Reports Breakdown

Carp Fishing Reports – What We Collect

We record the number of catches of each species when we prepare our carp fishing reports. All Getfished Fishing Reports are aggregated from multiple resources. Including dedicated submitted fishing reports, Youtube videos, and more.

Carp Month To Date Reports

Blue Rock Dam1
Blue Rock Dam,Vic1
Lake Eildon,Vic1
Broken River,Vic1
Lake Eildon2
Craigmeur Lake 1
Lake Eppalock1
Karkarook Park3
Wangaratta Ovens River1
Waranga Basin2
Latrobe River1

Carp Bait Reports Year To Date

Scrub Worms1
Night Crawlers2

Carp Fishing Reports

Most Victorian lakes, rivers and creeks contain carp. Sadly…

So our Carp fishing reports come from all over the state.

Top locations, according to Carp Fishing Reports we have compiled for 2022 have included:

Blue Rock Dam, Blue Rock Dam,Vic, Lake Eildon,Vic, Broken River,Vic, Torrumbarry,Vic, Lake Eildon, Mooroopna, Craigmeur Lake , Lake Eppalock, Karkarook Park, Wangaratta Ovens River, Waranga Basin, Raftery’s, Latrobe River.

If you don’t actively target carp, when freshwater fishing, I strongly recommend you do so.!

No, seriously, I really do.

You see – every carp a fisher removes from Victorian (or any Australian) waters is a big +1 for the environment. Carp destroy the bottoms of our waterways by stirring up incredible amounts of sediment. This sediment is often toxic.

The impact of their activity kills native fish species.

Carp also have no problem feeding on native fish eggs and fry.

In short, they are the freshwater version of Cane Toads in Australia. A massive, damaging pest species that needs to be gone.

Getting them out of our waterways is one of the simplest ways we, as fishers, can make a difference.

Because it’s illegal to catch and release carp you need to humanely dispatch them. Once dead they can be left in the brush or taken home and disposed of there.

On the plus side, they’re an easy species to target. They make great beginner fishing species – even for young children.

While carp lack the glamour of top fighting species such as Trout and Redfin they do certainly put up a fight. Their weight alone makes landing them q challenge worth pursuing.

Some enterprising fishers have been cutting carp stakes, at home, salting them and using them as bait for saltwater species like Snapper and Flathead. Others, like myself, use them as veggie garden fertiliser.

There are some great carp recipes available. It is a staple fish in many diets in some countries in the world. If you know how to prepare them.

Carp Fishing Reports – Videos

The Getfished Carp Fishing Report videos are compiled from the dedicated efforts of a variety of Victorian carp fishers. Please support them by clicking like and subscribing to their videos. To encourage them to continue in their awesome efforts and great content!

Suggested Carp Tackle Options

Carp can get pretty heavy, weights of 6kg in Victoria are not unusual (in some places in the world more than double this weight.) So rod strength needs to be heavier than that you’d choose for other fish like trout or redfin. The same goes for your net. Breaking your landing net is right up there with breaking rods on big carp!

An all-fibreglass rod is ideal, otherwise a carbon fibre/fibreglass blend. All carbon fibre is a recipe for disaster as carbon fibre doesn’t have the necessary flexibility.

According to current carp fishing reports in 2022, compiled by Getfished, the most common baits being employed are:

Earthworms, Scrub Worms, Chicken, Corn, Night Crawlers, Yabbies, Maggots.