Bream Reports

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Black Bream fishing reports. Because Bream are one of Melbourne and indeed Victoria‘s great Estuary fish species.

You can fish all year for Bream in Victoria. Though they are a lot less active during Winter in my experience. Starting to fire off in late August.

Scientific Name: Acanthopagrus butcheri

Bream Fishing Fishing Reports from around Melbourne and regional Victoria.

While very timid bream can be a fantastic fighting fish.

As a panfish, the flesh is very tasty.

Black Bream Fishing Reports – What We Collect

We record the number of catches of each species when we prepare our Bream fishing reports. All Getfished Fishing Reports are aggregated from multiple resources. Including dedicated submitted fishing reports, Youtube videos, and more.

Black Bream Year To Date Reports

Balcombe Creek,Vic1
Lake Tyers,Vic1
Nicholson River Estuary8
Bemm River5
Nicholson River3
Lake Tyers6
Michell River2
Tambo River Estuary6
Hollands Landing4
Patterson River4
Mount Martha1
Michell River Estuary2
Werribee River1
Giippsland Lakes1
Tanboon Inlet1
Glenelg River Nelson1
Mitchell River Two Bells1
Hollands Landing Tom’s Creek1
Hollands Landing Blonde Bay1
Hollands Landing Griffin Point1
Marlo Lake Corrigle2
Tamboon Inlet2
Patterson Lakes1
Mitchell River Estuary2

Black Bream Lure Reports Year To Date

Soft Plastics7
Shallow Divers1
Cranka Crabs1

Black Bream Bait Reports Year To Date

Soft Shell Crab9
Scrub Worms1
Sand Worm1
Cut Crab3
Fresh Caught Shrimp2
Sand Worms1

Squid - Calamari Fishing Reports

Bream are caught on a wide variety of baits, hardbody lures and soft plastics.

Bream are sensitive to environmental conditions. They also seem to be sensitive to what fishos have on their hands.

Some claim bream, for example, can detect odour on your fingers ranging from petro-chemicals to nicotine from cigarettes. Allegedly smokers find it harder to catch bream.

To my knowledge, this has never been scientifically verified.

Victorian Bream Fishing Season: Bream Fishing Season: All Year Round. Best during warmer months.

I have found Bream fishing reports become less frequent through June and July. Picking up again in late August, sometime in the last week or two.

How We Source The Bream Fishing Reports From Around Victoria

Bream fishing reports largely come from regional Melbourne and Gippsland. We collate reports from user submissions, website sharing and from Youtube videos.

Often the Yarra River, Maribyrnong River and the Gippsland Lakes form the most bulk of reports during the year.

However, catches are common in the Werribee River in Werribee South. As well as spots like the Barwon River, Bemm River and Mordialloc Creek.

Bream Fishing Report Videos

The videos contained in this playlist are only possible by some of the awesome Victorian Black Bream fishing reports by fishos who put in so much time to make them. Please, don’t forget to like and subscribe to encourage them to keep on producing awesome fishing content.

Black Bream. Gotta admit. I’ve never been great at actually catching them At least until very recent years.

What changed? The only thing that changed is I quit smoking.

Bream are notoriously picky. For years I read various experts telling us they are sensitive to contaminants. Even on our fingers.

True? False? Correlation? Duno.

However. Now I can catch them I end to use either Zman Slim Swimz or bait to fish for them. Using my secret chicken recipe.

Sometimes I do both. Using two rods. Soak some chicken on a paternoster (a whiting style rig works fine) and cast around a soft plastic.

In 2022 effective baits, according to our collated Bream fishing reports, have included: Prawn, Chicken, Earthworms, Soft Shell Crab, Scrub Worms, Sand Worm, Cut Crab, Fresh Caught Shrimp, Maggots, Sand Worms.

Some successful Bream fishos, like Wayne Okeefe, use berley cages on their lines, in place of sinkers. Delivering targetted fine berley exactly where their bait has landed. This provides a trail that leads back to the bait. You’ll find Wayne is pretty effective in doing this.

This technique helps you actually catch fish, rather than nibbles because the hook is too large.

Geelong Inner Harbour & Surrounds

Griffins Gully Jetty – Map 442 B12

Cunningham Pier – Map 452 C2

Yarra Street Pier – Map 452 C3

Hovells Creek (Princess Freeway Bridge) – Map 423 D10

Limeburners Bay – Map 432 K7

Lakers Cutting – Map 486 A11

It has the side-effect of allowing you to catch other species like pinky snapper and mullet, too.

Another trick to try is to start out with smaller hooks, working your way up to bigger sizes once you start catching Bream.

Land Based Bream Hotspots

Geelong Waterfront & Surrounds

Griffins Gully Jetty – See Map

Cunningham Pier – See Map

Yarra Street Pier – See Map

Hovells Creek (Princess Freeway Bridge) – See Map

Limeburners Bay – See Map

Lakers Cutting – See Map

Werribee River

Werribee South Jetty and Boat Ramp – See Map

K Road Cliffs – See Map

Barnacle Hole – See Map

Yarra River Lower Estuary

Gem Pier – See Map

Ferguson St Pier – See Map

Warmies aka Hotties – See Map

Scienceworks Jetty – See Map

Stony Creek Entrance – See Map

Yarra River Upper Estuary

Victoria Harbour – See Map

Herring Island –See Map

Below Dights Falls – See Map

Maribyrnong River Estuary

Lyons St – Map

Flemington Racecourse – Map

Victoria University – Map

Edgewater Estate – Map

Angler’s Tavern – Map

Old Canning Street – Map

Rock Ford – Map 28 B8

Patterson River

Nepean Highway Bridge – Map

Launching Way – Map

Floodway Entrances

Mornington Peninsula Bridge – Map