Final October 2020 Fishing Report

The COVID restrictions have eased. The water is warmer. Melbourne’s Snapper Fishing Reports have well and truly begun. Plus – Murray Cod, Whiting, Flathead,…

The COVID restrictions have eased. The water is warmer. Melbourne’s Snapper Fishing Reports have well and truly begun. Plus – Murray Cod, Whiting, Flathead, Squid and Bream!

Yup! You name it. Even some Mulloway reports coming in!

Did I mention Yellowbelly or Golden Perch? How about Redfin and European Carp? No? Well, I will be in this fishing report. Because its all started happening around Melbourne and Victoria folks!

Yeah. I’m excited. Aren’t you?

Well. You should be.

We’ve certainly had to wait a long time in lockdown to get out and wet a line.

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Port Phillip Bay Reports

Fishing Locations: Altona, Carrum, Clifton Springs, Geelong, Mordialloc, Mornington Pier, Mt Martha Rocks, Port Philip Bay, Rye, Seaford, Werribee South

Fish Species: Squid, Whiting

Report Sources: IFish, Trellys

Bait/Lures: Pipis, Baitjunkie Grub, White Odori jigs

Our Port Phillip Bay reports this week are from and . Both carry a great range of fishing tackle and can be a wealth of local information. So make sure you check them out!

Paul Worsteling and his family report they were out on Port Phillip Bay this week. As you'd probably expect from the guys at iFish they didn't come home empty-handed.

Chasing down some awesome squid and whiting. The latter being enticed by some succulent pippis. While the squid fell for White Odori jigs.

Meanwhile off Mordialloc, one of my favourite fishing spots, Pete Henry caught his personal best snapper at 9.5kg.

While at nearby Carrum Fred Kischner caught this ripper 7kg Snapper.

Because its late October the Snapper madness continues at Seaford in 16 metres of waters where Milena landed her first-ever snapper.

Steve Morris caught himself a huge salmon directly out off Mornington Pier in his boat. He was using a Baitjunkie grub. For those unfamiliar with it. It's not a denizen from a safe injecting room. Rather it's a new Soft Plastic lure from Daiwa.

On the other side of the Bay at Clifton Springs, there's snapper action to be had too. Thorben Croft caught an 80cm model there this week.

Sick of Snapper? You're joking, right? 'Cos they've been landing land-based Snapper at Geelong this week. Some good adult sizes too. Not just little pinkies.

Meanwhile off of Werribee South in 15 metres of water Rachel Spiteri caught a 3.4kg model.

Kayak fishing alert!!

Ben Campbell paddled out from Altona into 5 metres of water on his kayak. If you guessed he hoked into some good sized snapper - you'd be right. Ben kept some for the table and released another three.

Squid have been active with reports coming from Rye and the Mt Martha rocks this week.

Port Phillip Bay Fishing Report Map

Western Bay Report

Fishing Locations: Eagle Rock, Lang Lang, The Corals, Tyabb Bank, Western Port Bay

Fish Species: Snapper, Squid, Whiting

Report Sources: IFish

Bait/Lures: Squid, Whiting Head,

As always full credit for collating these reports goes to who have been the most reliable source in recent times. With the COVID lockdown meaning most other fishing report sources have been sparse or non existant.

Chris Cassar from Cassar Fishing Charters has reported Western Port Bay Snapper and Squid. The truly out there, folks. Certainly, if you're not boat challenged.

Some reports of Whiting at bag limits caught at Tyabb Bank. Squid caught a day earlier and cut into pieces being the go there.

Eagle Rock is still producing Snapper in 16 metres of water.

Kayak fishos listen up! Ben Hotchkin bagged out on snapper caught around Lang Lang in his kayak. Ben used squid for bait.

The mulloway are out and about. With a beauty taken off Spit Point.

Sick of hearing about Snapper? in Western Port? Yes? No? Nope. Me neither!

So it's hardly surprising out final Western Port Bay fishing report this week is Snapper. Like last week The Corals are producing some good fish. This time using Whiting head for bait.

Western Port Bay Fishing Report Map

Estuary Fishing Reports

Fishing Locations: Aire River, Bemm River, Lake Tyers, Port Albert

Fish Species: Black Bream, Dusky Flathead, Estuary Perch, Flathead

Report Sources: IFish

Bait/Lures: , Bent Minnow Lures

Estuary reports were a bit slow coming in this week. So didn't make it to the podcast. I'll try and update the written report on the website when they make it through. Thanks to iFish for these that did make it.

First report I do have is for Bream activity down in the Aire River.

There's also some reported activity amongst Estuary Perch coming from Port Albert on a Kayak and Bemm River using Bent Minnow Lures on the Bemm.

Bobby Sproule participating in the Reel It In Australian Flathead Challenge has been getting them up on the board at Lake Tyers. He's recorded Flathead registering at: 95cm, 81cm, 75cm and 2 60cm dusky Flathead.

Melbourne Estuary Fishing Report Map

Freshwater Fishing Report , Melbourne & Victoria

Fishing Locations: Blue Rock Lake, Lakeside Pakenham, Lilydale Lake, Yarrambat Lake

Fish Species: Australian Bass, Rainbow Trout

Bait/Lures: Corn Kernals, Earthworms, Size 3 Stump Jumper, Soft Plastic Grub, Soft Plastic Minnows, Spinnerbaits

Report Sources: IFish

Like the Saltwater the freshwater fishing has been awesome this week. Not quite worth being locked down for three months. But certainly fantastic to see people being able to get out in amongst it.

The Rainbow Trout are biting. And they're biting down on a whole lot of things. From spinners to size 3 Stump Jumpers to Soft Plastic minnows and grubs and even bait.

Hotspots this week include Yarrambat Lake. Lilydale Lake. Lakeside Pakenham.

While a lot of fishos will turn their noses up there's been European Carp activity too. Though that probably isn't that unusual. In that the bludgers always seem to be engaged in "activity." So out at Berwick Springs was one place to be for carp this week.

A slightly rarer report of Australian Bass. A little less rare is the hotspot. Blue Rock Lake. Reports are using a spinner bait is currently effective there.

Melbourne Freshwater Fishing Report Map

Fishing News

Report Sources: Government Press Release

Black Bream Fishing Reports

A survey of black bream spawning success in the Gippsland Lakes has recorded its second-highest level of the last ten years.

Victorian Fisheries Authority CEO Travis Dowling said:

The survey results are terrific news for the Gippsland Lakes system, which is now free of commercial net fishing thanks to the State Government’s $35 million Target One Million plan.



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