Fishing The Diamond Creek

The Diamond Creek is largely overlooked by locals when it comes to fishing. While large sections are difficult to access and it is true that the creek…

The Diamond Creek is largely overlooked by locals when it comes to fishing.

While large sections are difficult to access and it is true that the creek can run to very low levels in Summer, the larger pools do in fact often contain a variety of fish species.

Platypus Diamond Creek

Before proceeding I’d like to ask you to take special care to ensure the safety of native platypus populations. Local groups have worked long and hard to clean up the creek and promote the welfare of these wonderful creatures. So – don’t leave any broken fishing line on the banks or in the water. Take your rubbish and butts home with you. Right? Yes Please!

The Creeks Location

The Diamond Creek flows from the mountain ranges below Kinglake until it meets the Yarra River at Eltham.

It flows through the townships of Cottle’s Bridge Hurstbridge, Wattle Glen, Diamond Creek and Eltham.

Local history suggests the creek was named after a prized bull, named Diamond, that waded into the creek and became stuck. The creek getting its name after that.

Sounds like bull? Maybe. Hard to tell. But don’t argue with the locals. They get a bit upset about it.

There were certainly no precious diamonds extracted from the area. Though there was gold mining. With a number of pits and tunnels scattered around to this day. I explored some of the mine tunnels as a kid. Dangerous. Slipping supports. Kids can be stupid like that. I imagine they are in an even far worse state now. They go back to the 19th century. I strongly recommend not even trying.

Stick to fishing!

Take extra care if fishing in warmer months – October through to the end of March. It is Tiger Snake, Eastern Brown Snake, Cooperhead and Red Bellied Black Snake heaven!

Not kidding in the slightest. Most of our deadliest venomous snakes love a meal of frogs, birds eggs and other small creatures. So they are where the food is. Be careful. Wear protective leather boots and a pair of jeans. A little more protection than just bare legs – though not much. Walk firmly along tracks. Don’t walk through long grass and creepers. Stay out of blackberry patches – and don’t turn over old pieces of wood, tin or boards.

Leave the snakes alone. Most will leave you alone. Copperheads and Red Bellied Black snakes tend to go out of their way to avoid a confrontation. Most Tiger and Eastern Browns will choose flight too if given the chance.

Look. I’ve been bitten by snakes (yes, plural.) I don’t recommend it. It’s avoidable. It hurts. Not taking care is kind of dumb.

Fish Species In The Creek

I grew up in the area and have fished the creek for decades. It has been cleaned up substantially. Though the banks tend to still be overgrown by noxious weeds and blackberries.

It’s surprising how many fish species are present, however.

Diamond Creek Fishing Eels European Carp Redfin
  • Eel Eels
  • European Carp European Carp
  • Redfin Redfin or English Perch
  • TroutRainbow Trout (Rare)
  • Roach Roach
  • Goldfish Goldfish (exotic aquarium or pond escapees)
  • Weather Loach Weather Loaches (exotic aquarium or pond escapees)

While I’ve found the Redfin to be largely very small the Carp can often be surprisingly large.

When fishing for European Carp look for larger pools. Corn and/or chicken have worked well for me here.

While Rainbow Trout are reported they are fairly rare in my experience. Though fishing when the creek is high (late winter and through spring) would make for better trout conditions. Particularly below fast runs or rapids. Closer to the Yarra River at Eltham can be more productive as this section tends to have permanent water.

Try spinning soft-plastic lures for Trout or surface lures. Diving lures will get snagged pretty quick.

I generally choose a short, but strong rod. Short because overhanging branches make casting difficult. Strong because carp easily break lightweight rods. So fibreglass flexible rods rather than carbon fibre or carbon fibre/fibreglass blends. The more flexible the better.

Pack a landing net, too!

As far as Eels are concerned. It’s not hard to catch them on standard baits, including worms and chicken. I generally prefer not to catch them at all. They tend to be difficult to handle and possess some pretty serious teeth.

I do not recommend eating your catch from the creek. I grew up in the area, so you can take me at my word when I say it has seen almost a century of neglect and pollution. Both industrial, gold mining, agricultural and domestic. From mercury, superphosphate runoff and septic runoff from townships. Plus a lot of illegal dumping in the past.

Catch and release – except for carp which must be dispatched by law – only just makes sense. Right? Yup.

Diamond Creek Address

While I have added the address here as located in the suburb of Diamond Creek I recommend you also consider nearby Eltham. In fact the proximity to the Creeks junction with the Yarra River below Eltham might improve both access and fish catches.

Address: Nillumbik Park, Diamond Creek Trail, Diamond Creek VIC 3089, Australia
Lat: -37.671271750776
Lng: 145.1572315979
Proximity: 44.1 km



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