Boats are synonymous with fishing. From the humble aluminium “tinny” to larger cabin craft.

It’s a great way to fish. Opening up horizons beyond that of shore-based fishing. It can also be tricky to get right on a budget.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned – the hard way. Hopefully, they will help you save time, money and risk. Leading to safer, better boating.

Buying Secondhand Boat Trailer Getfished
Buying A Secondhand Boat Trailer? Learn From My 10 Mistakes!

May 16, 2021

Buying a secondhand boat trailer kind of doesn’t come close to the attention to detail we pay to the boat….

Do you require a license to operate a boat in Victoria?

All boats powered by a motor require the operator to have a current boat license. The boat must also be registered. There are a few exceptions. A kayak with an electric motor under 44 lb thrust does not need a license to be operated. Nor do most kayaks need to be registered. For kayaks with petrol motors or electric motors over 44lb, the kayak will need registration.

The other exception is some boat hire companies are able to offer boats for hire that do not require a license. These are provided with some limitations in use that must be adhered to.

Boat License details are available from the Vic Roads website. I recommend, from experience, ABC Boating in Victoria for license testing.

How Do You Mount An Electric Motor On A Kayak?

Trolling motor mounts for kayaks range from DIY options to commercial solutions. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. I review one commercial option I have personally used in my Kayak Trolling Motor Mount Review on this website.

Where can I use a boat to go fishing in Melbourne?

Closest to the city there is a number of places to launch a boat in Melbourne. Many of them are on Port Phillip Bay. But not all of those nearby fishing spots are in Melbourne.

Western Port Bay is nearby as well as a range of Estuaries, Lakes and Rivers.

What Does Transom Mount Mean?

While many items can mount on the transom (rear) of the boat the phrase Transom Mount most often refers to electric Trolling Motors. This kind of motor attaches to the rear of the boat or in kayaking on a specially made bracket. Transom Mount can also refer to items such as Fish Finders and even lighting. Such as underwater transom lighting.

What is the First Thing you Should do after Retrieving a Boat onto a Trailer?

The first thing is to secure the boat with the safety chain to the winch post. This saves you the embarrassment and expense of having the boat slip off the trailer if your winch fails.

After that carefully pull your boat and trailer to the zone designated for preparation. Secure your other straps, such as ratchet straps. Then wash down your boat. Getting the salt off is critical if ocean or estuary fishing. Some ramps permit you to flush your motor. A good idea if possible. Otherwise, do it upon returning back home the same day.

What is the Best Fish Finder For a Tinny?

If budget is important then the Lowrance Hook series is a good starting point with the 2 series being the cheapest. The 2 X giving you chart plotting. To get true GPS tracking you will need to be prepared to spend above $500. Whereas a basic 2 X series unit is below $200 with two models to choose from.