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Watersnake T24 Kayak Electric Motor Review: 2022 – Reliable ?

The Watersnake T24 Kayak Electric Motor is certainly affordable. Well constructed and powerful enough for most kayaks. I have previously reviewed the Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount which pairs with this motor. While I find it to be a good product it is missing a feature that prevents me from rating it a full 5 out of 5 stars. That […]

Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount Review 3 Out Of 5 Stars – 2022

I chose the Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount to mount an electric motor on my kayak. The review here is what I found out. Note: Your kayak may be different and your experience may lead you to different conclusions. There are a number of cheaper kayaks on the market that purport to be more capable than […]