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Blueys Boat Hire

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1 Pier Rd, Mordialloc VIC 3195, Australia

26km from Melbourne via Nepean Highway

Lng: 145.0868675


Toilets , BBQ Area , Picnic Area

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This post is a small part taken from our Fishing Mordialloc Pier Getfished Article.

Note, that I have not personally used Blueys Boat Hire services. As such I cannot make any specific personal recommendations one way or the other.

I have observed the Bluey’s hire boats operating while I’ve been fishing on the Mordialloc Pier. Their customers seem cheery enough. The Google reviews for this service are nearly all positive.

Billed as a “No License or Experience Required” boat hire. Caters for individuals and groups. Aimed at fishing they are also suitable for seeing the sights just offshore on Port Phillip Bay.

Tel: 03 9580 2902

At the time of writing, bookings are from the Blueys Boat Hire website on their Bookings Page.

Make sure you check out Bluey’s What To Bring page, particularly note the requirement of a Car License, Mobile Phone, seasonal clothing, food & drink (bring a cooler or Eski – but skip the grog !!), bait, tackle and rods.

Additionally, Bluey’s website state they do have rods, tackle and bait, at an additional charge, should you have none of your own.

Hiring a boat is an economical and relatively simple way of getting out on the bay fishing.

No towing, launching or retrieving on busy boat ramp hassles.

For many people this makes boat hire an attractive option.

Getting a few nautical miles offshore can make all the difference to your catch rate.

Around Mordialloc, there are a number of great offshore reefs and drop-offs that provide excellent fishing opportunities.

Plus there tends to be a little less pressure on fish populations than you find on a pier or beach.

It’s quieter, offers a range of habitats and increases your mobility towards “where the fish are biting.”

What Fish Can You Catch At Mordialloc? ?

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