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Altona Boat Ramp

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Altona Rd, Seaholme VIC 3018, Australia

18.2 km from Melbourne GPO

Lng: 144.8479772


Toilets , Picnic Area , Boat Cleaning Area

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This post is a small part taken from our Fishing Altona Pier Getfished Article.

Altona Boat Ramp Fishing Tips

Altona boat ramp is a great place to launch a boat, be it a fishing boat, tinny or even kayak.  Excellent bay access to some equally excellent fishing areas.

As of October 2019 boat ramp launching and car parking is free.

Launching from Altona boat ramp gives you access to the Yarra estuary, Hobson’s Bay as well as the wider Port Phillip area.

Some good boat fishing is to be had a few hundred meters offshore directly south from the boat ramp.  You’ll often see boats anchored off there.

Species such as Whiting, flathead and pinky snapperPinky Snapper Pinky SnapperThe name "Pinky Snapper" refers to the immature Snapper.  Their skin colour is different from adults (its pinker.)

Adulthood is usually considered on fish greater than 40cm - or in the 1.5 to 2kg - range, with a darker red colouration.
turn up regularly in catches. While schools of Australian Salmon often make their way through the area.

I’d consider a paternoster rigPaternoster Rig Paternoster Rig – even from your boat. This gives you the opportunity to keep your bait above the weeds. While allowing for bait “cocktails” to see what works that day.

In keeping with my recommendations on all boat ramps, I do not recommend fishing on our in close proximity to boaties launching or retrieving boats. In Altona, you’ve got such a variety of great landbased spots anyway. Like the pier, the beach etc.

That’s because it’s risky for the person fishing, the boat owner and the general public.

There’s enough room in the world not to crowd out each other.  Courtesy goes a long way.

One of the things that bug me with Altona Pier is the way Jet Skis buzz your line on the pier.  People who do this are not only breaking the law, risking their license and the safety of the public.  But they’re completely stupid idiots, too.  Not all Jet Ski drivers are like this.  But the twits seem to have made their purpose in life – to try and overshadow the good guys.

So – it stands the reason we should give the boaties, whether they’re fisho’s or not, the same respect we wish for.  Give them some room!

What Fish Can You Catch At Altona? ?

Altona Boat Ramp, Australian Salmon Altona Boat Ramp, Calamari (Squid) Altona Boat Ramp, Flathead Altona Boat Ramp, Gummy Shark Altona Boat Ramp, King George Whiting Altona Boat Ramp, Pinky Snapper Altona Boat Ramp, Silver Trevally Altona Boat Ramp, Snapper Altona Boat Ramp, Tailor

What's The Best Bait & Tackle At Altona?

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